Why was the Connecticut colony founded?

HELP!! Why was the Connecticut colony founded? Please give me any info on this colony HELP PLEASE ITS MAJOR!!

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Motivation for Founding:

Individuals from the Massachusetts colony moved to what would become Connecticut because they were looking for more freedom and financial opportunities.


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Why was Connecticut was a corporate colony?

Please help me. How did Connecticut become a corporate colony and how did this affect it?

Connecticut received a royal charter in 1662 and became an official crown colony.

The first major settlements were established in the 1630s by the English. Thomas Hooker led a band of followers overland from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and founded what would become the Connecticut Colony; other settlers from Massachusetts founded the Saybrook Colony and the New Haven Colony. Both the Connecticut and New Haven Colonies established documents of Fundamental Orders, considered the first constitutions in North America. In 1662, the three colonies were merged under a royal charter, making Connecticut a crown colony. This colony was one of the Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution.

Founders of 13 Colonies?

who were the finders of the 13 colonies in america? For Example Thomas Hooker-Connecticut.......Please... Answer.... Thanks!


Year Founded: 1607
Founded by: London Company
Royal Colony: 1624

Year Founded: 1620
Founded by: Puritans
Royal Colony: 1691
New Hampshire

Year Founded: 1623
Founded by: John Mason
Royal Colony: 1679

Year Founded: 1634
Founded by: Lord Baltimore

Year Founded: c.1635
Founded by: Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island

Year Founded: 1636
Founded by: Roger Williams

Year Founded: 1638
Founded by: Peter Minuit and New Sweden Company
North Carolina

Year Founded: 1653
Founded by: Virginians[/link]
Royal Colony: 1729
South Carolina

Year Founded: 1663
Founded by: Eight Nobles with a Royal Charter from Charles II
Royal Colony: 1729
New Jersey

Year Founded: 1664
Founded by: Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret
Royal Colony: 1702
New York

Year Founded: 1664
Founded by: Duke of York
Royal Colony: 1685

Year Founded: 1682
Founded by: William Penn

Year Founded: 1732
Founded by: James Edward Oglethorpe
Royal Colony: 1752

Who settled the colony of Connecticut?

I know Thomas Hooker established/discovered the colony of Connecticut but who settled in it?? Just Puritans or something? Please help, thanks!

Well, the Puritans were mostly known for being in the Boston area in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. And Rhode Island was an independent colony founded by Roger Williams who didn't approve of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and how they exiled anyone who promoted any form of religion besides their own.

But as for Connecticut, it wasn't independent, it was Constitutional and set up by Britain. It was mostly made up of Puritans in Hartford-based colony, which had somewhat tolerance of slightly differing religions (but nothing too different). There was also a New Haven Colony to the South (also Puritan), which was much less tolerant; not to the point of the Massachusetts Bay Colony but they didn't want any non-Puritan Churches.

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What was the regional location of the Connecticut colony?

The Connecticut colony included all of the present State of Connecticut, excepting a few townships on the shore of Long Island Sound. It came into the possession of the Earl of Warwick in 1630, and the following year he transferred it to the Lords Say, Brooke, and others. The Dutch claimed the territory and erected a fort on the Connecticut River to keep out the English. The latter, however, paid no attention to them, and a number of Massachusetts traders settled at Windsor in 1633. Saybrook, at the mouth of the Connecticut, was settled in 1635. A great many emigrants came from Massachusetts in 1636, the principal leader being Thomas Hooker. They founded Weathersfield, Windsor, and Hartford, and in 1639 adopted the name of the Connecticut colony and drew up a written constitution, the first ever framed by a body of men for their own government. Other settlements were made and Saybrook united with them.

What year was the Jamestown Colony founded?

I forgot my history book in my locker and I need some help with a few things. 1. What year was Jamestown colony founded? 2. What year was Plymouth colony founded? 3. Why was Jamestown colony founded? 4. Why was Plymouth colony founded? 5. What made Jamestown colony successful? 6. What made Plymouth colony successful? 7. What made Jamestown colony successful? 8. Who founded Jamestown colony? 9. Who founded Plymouth colony?

1. 1607
2. 1620
3. buisness
4. religious persecution- the pilgrams wanted a place to worship god as they seen fit
5. same as #7
6. devoloping economy around fish and furs.
7. cultivation of tobacco, and John Rolfe married pocahontas ensuring peace with native americans
8. the london company (corporation consisting of stockholders)
9. a group of separatist who later became known as the pilgrams

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