Why Is There The British Flag On The Upper Left Corner?

how come australia and new zealand have the united kingdom flag in the corner of their flag?

why does australia and new zealand have sort of the same flag as the uk except the uk's flag is in the upper left (right) hand corner of the new zealand and australia flag but why is that? how come they just don't have a different type of flag besides the same one, i've always wondered why do their flags look similar or looked the same but why? are there any other countries that share similar flags with other countries, cities, or states? explain?

Jo is spot on, and quite correct that up until about 1965 the Canadian flag also had the Union flag in one corner.

The Australian and NZ flags look similar partly because at the time of creating the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand was going to be a part of Australia. Only at the last minute did they decide to be a separate country. The New Zealand flag is

"New Zealand’s national symbol. Its royal blue background represents the blue sea and sky surrounding us, and the stars of the Southern Cross signify our place in the South Pacific Ocean. The Union Flag recognises our historical foundations and that New Zealand was once a British colony and dominion."

Many countries have the Union flag as part of their national flag, acknowledging their historical 'association' with the UK, including

British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Cook Islands
Cacos Islands
Falkland Islands
New Zealand
St Helena
Sandwich Islands
Turks & Caicos

It is also part of the flag of the US state of Hawaii and several Canadian states.

Why do people want to mess with the Australian Flag?

I see that people (mostly americans who dont have any right to do this) want to change the Australian national flag. The main movement is to take off the British Union Jack in the upper left corner. Why?? I like it, and its a symbol of Commonwealth between Britain and Australia isn't it?

Theyre just retards. All the 'propsed flags of the future australia" are all fake. The Australian government needs to get the votes of more than 80% of the population in order to even try to make a new flag of the Australian nation. Even then, Australia has always been tied with Britain in everything.

They should not change the flag.

Why is the Royal Navy ensign dominated by the English flag?

I was just wondering why the flag of the Royal Navy is 75% English flag with only the upper left hand corner being British. I know the Royal Navy has always been more of an English thing but it seems kind of foolish because i can imagine quite a lot Scots, Welsh and N. Irish not joining the RN for this reason cause tbh nobody would enjoy fighting under the flag of a foreign nation... So is their any historical reason for this and what are your own thoughts on the matter?

There used to be three battle squadrons in the Royal Navy; Red, White and Blue. The Flag of the Red Squadron became the Red of the Merchant Marine, the Blue became the RFA, and the white became the Royal Navy.

Nothing more than that.

The Ensign of the Royal Navy is not the flag of a 'foreign nation', it is the signal of the Royal Navy, that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. That anybody would not join it because of a flag is of great relief to their Lordships at The Admiralty, because those are the kind of people that they don't want. As it is, many people from many nations serve on Her Majesty's ships of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

You might as well ask if Hawaiians don't join their state institutions because of the presence of The Union Flag forming the top left, or if Black people don't live or vote or work for the state of Mississippi because it has the Confederate States flag on it.

Flying the American Flag?

Is it against the law to fly any other flag above the American flag?

It's against the US Flag Code to fly any flag over the American Flag. But the US Flag Code has no legal force, in other words, you can not be arrested for violating the flag code. It is a guideline only.

If you do want to follow the flag code, then other national flags should be flown at the same height and to the left of the US flag. State flags can be flown on the same pole below the US flag or at the same height or a lower height on separate poles (again, to the left of the US flag).

Other flags (city, organization, etc.) should be flown at the bottom, or to the farthest left.

Why is the USA flag on the NASA V.A.B. the wrong way round?

I mean... the flag is lengthways on the Vehicle Assembly Building. Why is this? But my main question is if you look at the flag with your head tilted (or rotate a picture), the stars would be in the upper right hand side of the flag instead of the left. Why is it this way? I asked a K.S.C worker who wasn't able to answer the question as he didn't know. I also noticed the flag the mirrored way around on the replica of the Explorer Shuttle and on a Florida State Sherriff Car (both on the sides). What would be the reason for having the flag mirrored? If it was on the front of the car or shuttle I could understand but it was on the side. I mainly want to know about the V.A.B though.

The flag is shown as if hung vertically for the simple reason that, if you check where it is painted, that is the position that allows the largest possible flag to be shown.

As strange as it may seem, that is the correct orientation for a vertical flag, with the stars to the top left as seen by an observer. That is pretty standard flag etiquette.

Check out #8 in the link.

It might interest you to know that the flag is 209 x 110 feet, took 6000 gallons of paint, and was added for the Bicentennial in 1976.

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