Why Does My Aol Email Keep Getting Hacked?

My AOL email has been hacked. Is there anything I can do?

For at least six months, maybe longer, something has had access to my email account and is sending out inappropriate emails from my account. It happens almost daily. I also get emails from other AOL accounts that have been hacked. I can't find anything about this on their help page. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do? I'd really like to avoid closing the account as it has over 7000 emails in there that I don't want to lose. Thank you!

I have recently got hacked on AOL mail too. AOL is not a secure site. I would say yahoo is safer.
in my opinion if I were you I would delete your AOL account since someone is hacking into it.
spam and hackers are very hard to avoid, once they have your username they can go on your account and do just about anything.
if you decide to close your AOL account you could forward the emails over to a new email address.
or you could call aol customer service
good luck

My AoL Email was hacked?

Someone hacked my aol email, and now they're sending spam adult links to everyone I have ever emailed. This includes teachers,friends, and all that. My aol security question was set 3 years ago, and I can not remember it at all. How can I get this back? Their customer service number will not forward me to a live operative, and I can't complete the "Forgot password" link

Whats AOL? Isn't that the dead online browser from the 90s? Oh yeah... good times. Heres a pro tip: Don't use AOL. As for your problem, there isn't really anything you can do. AOL has been dead for a couple years now so the Customer Service is probably about 10 people max, or completely shutdown. Just start a new email with Google, Windos Hotmail, Yahoo, w/e.

How to delete my aol email address?

Ok someone hacked into my email address and constantly adding people into my contacts and is sending them emails. This lead into someone reporting my email address and I tried to delete my email but I couldn't because I don't know the answer to my security question. And i also want to know if my aim screenname will be deleted if i delete my aol email.

Do not sign into your e-mail account for six months to automatically deactivate it, if closing a free account. There is no way to fully delete an AOL e-mail account tied to an AOL Instant Messenger account.

Read more: How to Delete an AOL Email Address | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5221369_delete-aol-email-address.html#ixzz1AxiagXZc

my aol email got hacked what do i do?

my sister hacked my account last last november which sucks becuase i have not been able to log into my account i tried calling but my sister changed my security question and answer my sister knew my password and question becuase i was nice enough to let her use my email i tried calling aol and asking them to set my password back to the one i had i told them i would even tell them my old password to show my account was hacked but they said they couldnt help me. is there a way to hack my account ive looked it up and ive seen ones to trick the person into telling you the password or keystrokes but this is my account i dont need that becuase this isnt anyone elses i just want to be able to get my account back becuase i had it since i was 12 years old its an aol account and i dont remember my photobucket account i want to send my pasword reset to my email but i cant what can i do :/

Ask AOL.

The following AOL links will answer most, if not all, of your problems





...these are some other help links....




You can also call them....1-888-265-8008.

How do I delete or un-hack my AOL account?

So my AOL email is hacked and it keeps sending random shit to my contacts and myself and I wanna delete the account. step by step directions please?

Step 1. Contact AOL

Phone: 1-800-827-6364
Email: http://feedback.aol.com/rs/rs.php?sid=aolmail_support

Step 2. Hope they get to it in a timely manner.

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