Why Does Medicaid Need My Bank Statement?

How do I apply for Medicaid for pregnant women in Texas?

I can't find a website to take me to the right place.

I don't live in Texas but I have gotten Medicaid in both Arkansas and Idaho and it is the same process. You just go to your local DHS office and they have forms you can fill out. You fill those out and take them in and they will ask for a few things. Proof of all income (this means yours and if you are married your spouses as well), You will need to provide proof of what is in your bank account (this can be a bank statement), You will need all your utility bills, Car registration and any property you own, Proof of pregnancy as well. When I got mine I just had utility bills and the lease to my apartment. Also bank statement and pay stub. It's pretty easy though they usually process it quickly but sometimes it takes a little bit. If you do get the Medicaid you can also apply for WIC they help with things like Milk, cheese, cereal, eggs, and juice and a bunch of other stuff including 10 bucks for veggies. This is for pregnant woman and children. If you are going to formula feed they will pay for it and even if you breastfeed it may be good to have this if you have problems and can't. They will provide help with food for your baby until he/she is 5. You can apply at your local Health department for that. Good luck and congrats on your baby!!

How to prepare a bank reconciliation statement?

Can u give an example of illustrstion & solution.

To Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement
(a) Compare transactions that appear on both Cash Book and Bank Statement
(b) Update Cash Book from details of transactions appearing on Bank Statement
(c) Balance the bank columns of the Cash Book to calculate the revised balance
Complete a Bank Reconciliation Statement
(a) Enter correct date of the statement
(b) Enter the balance at bank as per the Cash Book
(c) Enter details of unpresented cheques
(d) Enter sub-total on reconciliation statement
(e) Enter details of bank lodgements
(f) Calculate balance as per Bank Statement
Page 2
Most organisations keep a record of their cash and bank transactions in a
cash book (see Chapter 13). The cash book contains a record of both the cash
account and the bank account and shows the balance in each account at the
end of a period. Once the cash book has been balanced off it is usual to check
the details with the records of the firm’s bank transactions as recorded by the
To enable this check to be made the cashier will need to ensure that the cash
book is completely up-to-date and a recent bank statement has been obtained
from the bank.
Often,when a comparison is made between the bank balance as shown in the
firm’s cash book with that shown on the bank statement, the two balances
will be different. It is for this reason that a bank reconciliation statement
is prepared to reconcile (‘tally up’) the two balances. The reconciliation may
identify errors that may have been made in either the firm’s cash book or in
the bank’s records. Any corrections can then be made.
An example of a bank reconciliation statement is shown below. As you can
see, it is a very simple calculation. The process of drawing up a bank
reconciliation statement will be explained in full on pages xx-xx.

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how much SBI bank charges for an year bank statement?

SBI is charging Rs.40/- per page account statements.

Suppose your an year bank statement charge 320 rs .....

But if you have internet banking a/c. It free to download the a/c statement.

If the bank recon of the previous month, has a mistake is it fixed on the next recon or in the cash book?

Cheque no.368 is listed incorrectly on April 19x5 bank reconciliation statement but is listed correctly on May 19x5 bank statement. Do you make the correction on the Bank reconciliation statement for May 19x5 or in the supplementary cash book for May 19x5?

If there was an error in your April bank recon statement and you thought it was correct then, the only way that could have happened is if your cash book balance at Apr 30 was wrong too, otherwise what were you reconciling to? So if you correct your cash book now, the error should have been corrected, and it should not show in your May bank recon.

Accesing of SBI account statement personally from abroad?

I am currently working now in Saudi Arabia. I would like to retrieve my account statement from SBI Bank in Kerala, India. I want to do it personally with the bank i.e the bank should provide me directly the acount statement through email or fax. Is there a procedure or method to get the same?

1. Please avail of internet banking facility with SBI.

2. The facility will be made available to you by your branch on request.

3. You can then access your account through internet.

4. For further details, you may contact the bank on its website at:



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