Why Does Aol Keep Signing Me Out?

Is there an authority on AOL?

When I try to open signing on page I get message: "AOL will now install files required to connect to service. You may be asked to restart computer." I click OK and Yes to restart computer - which it does. Then when I try to open signing on page again I get the same message. AOL are no help at all - they advise to uninstall and reinstall AOL but I don't want to lose all my PFC and Favourites. Is there any way I can access and save these without signing on? I'm desperate!!!

AOl has a function to backup your PFC and favorites that they created for people transferring their account from one PC to another, or for people reinstalling AOL. Here are some links to help you:


Why does my AOL Instant Messenger keep signing off and on randomly?

I sign onto AIM but at random times, it will keep signing me off and on.

Hmm.....If you are using a wireless connection, that would probably explain that. But otherwise, it probably is a problem with your server, and connection. However, it may be a minor problem, that you should not worry about. If it irritates you ALOT, then contact AOL.

Can you import aol mail into windows mail?

Yes, AOL offers what is called IMAP access to its servers. You can tell a normal mail "client" (which means email program) to get mail messages right from aol instead of using their ugly software or webmail.aol.com


Here's a link to AOL's instructions


I just got Verizon high speed internet. Is there a way I can keep my Aol email without paying for AOL?

I want to cancel AOL. Someone said even if I cancel AOL I can still use AOL for email. If so how do I go about this?

go to aol.com.

I have an aol email, and its free.

just go to aol.com and sign up or sign in, and you're set!

Aol profiles? Do they exist anymore?

How do I access my aol profile? How do I make sure that personal information about me doesn't appear on an email I send from my aol mail box?

aol profiles do exist. u need to install aol software to be able to access an aol profile( profile as in the cool/cute/profiles with pics and all that)
as far as accessing the mail box portion of aol, as long as u still remember ur aol log in(id and password) all u need is to go to aim.com

sign in and check ur mail

WARING: aol messes up with ur computer. aol is really bad.

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