Why Do Women Use So Much Toilet Paper?

Whats toilet paper made of? The specific things.?

This may be a dumb question, but what is the compostion of loo paper.(i.e. paper-trees, recylced, etc. other chemicals?

Some brands scented toilet paper, but regular toilet paper is just plain paper, that is thing and soft. I don't think the toilet paper comes from recylcled paper.

How do people know so much about other people's toilet paper habits?

The reason I ask is that yesterday I read two questions on this site, one asked why so many men use the same peice of toilet paper twice. The other one said they'd seen more women scrunching toilet paper while men were folding, and asked why. I want to know how that person had seen so many men and women in the bathroom. Maybe they'd already taken a poll on here previously?

who knows? I don't know anything about other peoples toilet habits.

Why do women leave toilet paper in the toilet bowl without flushing down the tp?

I've had couple of female roommates and i noticed that most of them always leave toilet paper in the toilet bowl without flushing. And also during their period( i assume) and there will be blood and tissue in the bowl and they wont flush all that down, as a guy, i find that very irritating. Is there a reason why some women do this? Thanks for all your answers, lol, i think it was just a nasty thing to do.

i like melu lulas answer.

Who invented the toilet? The toilet paper?

Why do people use it? Isn't the bidet a better solution?

The toilet was invented in ancient times in India. The modern toilet was invented or at least modified to its present functionality by John Crapper. Toilet paper per se is a modern invention refined by the company responsible for the Coronet tissue paper. Yes, the bidet is a better alternative, especially if you suffer from hemorrhoids. For those who didn't answer this part of the question, this bathroom fixture is mostly used by women who have their period to clean themselves, but it also works very well in most people's arses.

Toes. Who invented toilet paper?

♥ Whoever it was, you have to love them.

In our age, toilet paper originally not in a rollJoseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857. His new toilet paper was composed of flat sheets. Before Gayetty's invention, people tore pages out of mail order catalogs - before catalogs were common, leaves were used. Unfortunately, Gayetty's invention failed. Walter Alcock (of Great Britain) later developed toilet paper on a roll ( instead of in flat sheets). Again, the invention failed.

In 1867, Thomas, Edward and Clarence Scott (brothers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) were successful at marketing toilet paper that consisted of a small roll of perforated paper . They sold their new toilet paper from a push cart - this was the beginning of the Scott Paper Company.

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