Why Do Women Use Men For Money?

why do women blame the men because women are in the adult film industry and strippers?

Women say "if men didn't want it, there wouldn't be a need". Why say such? You're blaming the men for what the women do? Just because men want it why do the women have to give it? Why can't they control themselves and not go into these industries, that should be the real question. So why do women blame men for the actions of other women? "If men werent pumping money into the industry" See, blaming the men! Why? Men DO NOT force women to do anything. Allah is most forgiving.

Men or Women in Sex Industries are driven by two factors.
1. Excessive lust.
2. Excessive lust of money.

They need not to blame each other.

How do women get men to give up money and vice versa?

I have a friend who works with a lot of men and she's always talking about how the few other women at her job get money from these men without sleeping with them. And I personally know women who just give men money (attractive women, at that)! We want to know how is it that they do that? Are people really that stupid or is there some sick trick to it? She's married and I'm engaged and we just can't fathom the idea of giving a man money on a whim or for a promise, and certainly can't see men just giving out money without getting "something" first. **We're adults, so don't pretend like you don't know what "something" is.**

There are many people who give money to women in hopes if "getting something" in return. They think if they buy enough, they will get a return on their investment...mostly they do not. LOL

How come a lot of men think that women are money and time consuming?

I have been on dates before with women and 90% of the time dinner is 50/50. I have had women pay my way and I have paid their's to. But I see a lot men still tell me that women are money and time consuming. I am 24, never had a girlfriend, and was wanting to know why men think this way.

Those men are dating women who are gold diggers! lol
those women are actually being bought....and not won over.....
so your men friends are mostly pathetic and in no way should you take their advice!

What can we do to make women and men the same size and strength?

Alot has been done to put women on an even playing field with men and now women are better at school, make more money when given same chances, and are doing better than men. But one thing is still not fair, men are still taller than women and a little bit stronger, which leads to domestic violence and men getting more attention than women in sports, which is due somewhat to sexism. If women were as tall and strong as men, this would be eliminated and we would live in an equal society. Perhaps genetic engineering on medication from an early age to boys and men could make this happen? Any other ideas?

Women have 26 more muscles than men do in the abdomen, so it would also require a transplant.

Poll: What do you think about some men using money to control women?

What do you think about some men using money to control women? *Example: George thinks that since he always takes Jenny out to places, he has the right to control her & play mind games with her. Not all women use sex to control men.

not very much my friend,some men think money is the answer to every thing,but its not.

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