Why Do Women Marry Men In Prison?

Why do mostly women marry men in prison who they've never encountered outside of prison?

I know men do it as well but they do not do it as often as women. The only man I know to have done this was the man who married the woman who was one of Charles Manson's girls. But here in the USA many women marry men who are serial killers, rapist, and all sorts of crazed maniacs that will never ever be released. What is the reason behind this?

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Should a law be passed that prevents men from marrying vulnerable foreign women?

Many of the women these men marry are persistently raped, abused and are victims of patriarchy in countries that aren't free. The men who go abroad to marry are the ugly rejected males we have here and are 99% chauvanists that are anti-equality.

There's already a rider in VAWA that is serious about restricting rights for men who might want to marry foreign brides.

"vulnerable foreign women"?

What makes foreign women "vulnerable"? What makes vulnerable women "foreign"? What makes vulnerable foreign people just women?

Now, I'm not saying that men SHOULD marry foreign women -- but what gives a gender-narcissistic group the right to tell men what they should and shouldn't do when a similar rule isn't imposed on women?

Why do men marry women who can't afford to offset the potential costs of a divorce settlement and alimony?

-Why do men marry women who aren't anywhere near the same class financially, and as such are in effect 'freeloaders'? Where these women not only freeload during the marriage, but in the even of divorce they actually get paid again on top of already being paid for the entire time they were with the man! Why do men marry these low lives?

I think there should be a cap on the settlement costs, base on how much each of them have contributed in terms of earnings.

Why do some women leave broke men but some men do not leave broke women?

Broke as in having little to no money.... Some one said what do you love your partner or money and money is easy to get at times but love is not..... Is that good advice? I see women leaving broke men all of the time or not giving them the time of day but most men could care less if the woman is broke. Why is that?

Because a lot of women are shallow and are only with their men so that they can provide for them.

"Marry a poor man whom you love or marry the wealthy man whom you don't love."

Most women marry for love but unfortunately there are a lot of women who want the money.

Men usually see themselves as the providers for the family so if the women is broke it makes no difference to them, they still have to provide for the family. Plus they are generally not as shallow or self absorbed as these women.

POLL~ do opposites attracked?

And do women marry men tht r lik their dads???

Opposites attract when it comes to magnets.
Not as much in the datingn world. And I doubt women marry men that are like their dads.

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