Why Do Muslims Yell Allahu Akbar?

Information about Akbar?

'Akbar' is the superlative degree of the word 'kabeer (great)'. Akarbar means greatest. Allah is greatest and there is nothing greater than Him. In the call to prayer (azan) Allahu Akbar is repeated twice at the beginning. Muslims repeat these words several times a day during their prayer (salat). It is a great word for remembering Allah.

There is an interesting story regarding the word "Allahu Akbar". During the Emergency great leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L.K. Advani were detained in jail. In the same jail there were some Muslims. Muslims were allowed to pray 'salatul Eid' on two Eid days in a year. Muslims used to recite the words 'Allahu Akbar' several times on Eid day before Eid prayers. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani were watching the Muslims praying. They were keenly interested to know why the Muslims are repeating the words 'Allahu Akbar' several times (because they knew only about Akbar the King) and they asked the Muslim inmates of the jail. The Muslim inmates told them that there is no connection between Allah and 'Akbar, the Moghul King' The leaders were surprised to learn that the word 'Akbar' had nothing to do with 'Akbar, the King'

How can 0bama handle so many various Army psychologists massacring so many soldiers so often?

So many of them are under pressure, snap and, massacre dozens of people. Right? And, they often yell "Allahu Akbar!" Or is this just an excuse to ignore muslim terrorism ?

Have you noticed how his link to BOZO has hushed things up?

YEP....how many coincidences do you need to go.....hmmmmmmmm????


He really surrounds himself with more and more scum doesn't he? Or they are just coming out more!

comparison of aurangzeb and akbar?

Akbar the great was a generous and a kind-hearted man. He loved art and architecture, music and dances, he was equal to everyone, the Hindus and the Muslims. He had appointed many Hindus on high positions in his court. He did this because he wanted to see his kingdom strong prosperous and united and also to consolidate his power. Akbar made many reforms, mostly in favours of the Hindus. In the whole history of the Mughal Empire Akbar was the only Emperor whom the Hindus trusted. Akbar also married a Raj put ( Hindu ) princess, Jodha Bai. Akbar tried his best to bring the Muslims and Hindus together although for sometime there was peace amongst them but it didn't last very long.

Aurangzeb on the other hand was a total opposite of his Ancestor Akbar. He destroyed many Hindu temples and imposed the Jizya tax on them. Aurangzeb was a strict but a just ruler. He was also a very good administrator. Aurangzeb, unlike his ancestors did not love architecture and not many monuments are credited to him. Aurangzeb disliked music and banned any form of music or dance in his kingdom. The religious policies of Aurangzeb widened the gap between Hindus and Muslims. He had a very strong hand and is generally considered to be the last successful Mughal emperor.

Why does the media refer to these terrorists as militants?

Today, five of my friends in the town of Itamar, in a part of Israel where Arabs never lived nor ever wanted to live, on a remote hill, were murdered in their beds -- slashed to death by Muslims yelling Allahu Akbar. Why do Muslims get a pass when it comes to murder and savagery? Is it because we expect very little of them and we're not surprised when they meet those low expectations? Yes, despite responses below, it really did happen. It was reported today by Fox News and then by other media.

I have no idea. Fatah, a terrorist group, claimed responsibility, and the attacks were obviously meant to inspire terror. They weren't some random home invasion that went wrong. What I think is most disgusting about the whole thing is that people were rejoicing about it in Rafah.

However, you shouldn't paint all Muslims with the same brush because of what a bunch of terrorists did.

Why do muslims always yell the name of their God when they're about to go into battle/die?

I've seen a ton of movies where Muslims Yell AllahAllahAllah like crazy before they go into battle or suicide bomb something, is there a specific reason for that?

Good Luck maybe.

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