Why Do Men Get Random Boners?

How do I stop getting random boners?

I'm 15 (I started puberty a bit late) and I hate getting random boners all the time. Like not even when I'm turned on, like on the bus or just chilling or something. I know that's supposed to happen in puberty but how do I stop it from happening?

Random boners are part of being a young man. Wear them proudly.

How to I stop my random boners from happening?

I get random boners for no reason at all. I could just be sitting and then I get a random boner. Can someone please tell me how to stop and prevent them from happening. Serious answers only please.

You don't. That is normal for most young men, especially those going through puberty.

When do guys get boners?

I guess this is just general. I'm a 16 year old girl, just curios about when guys get boners and are they noticeable in jean? How can I tell if a guy has one?

In jeans they are less noticeable.
If a guy
Has his hands in his pockets
Sticks his hand in his pocket, does a scratching motion, then takes it out
Goes somewhere else
He may have a boner.
Why we get them?
At that age, we sometimes get random ones.
Our clothes rub it
Sex fantasy
Girls we like
Girl who is attractive
mostly contact will do it but yeah.

How can i get rid of a boner?

I get boners and i would like to fet them away sometimes. Should i masturbate? Should i ignore it even tho that is hard? Please help

Ice works usually. Really anything cold - a can of soda for example.

Masturbation can help to a point. But even if you masturbate if something turns you on, you're going to be turned on.

Some of it is just an age thing. As you get older those random one's will be less common. You might try wearing different types of underwear. Some men say that boxer briefs help prevent those unwanted ones. Wearing baggy clothes may also make erections less apparent.

Why do guys pound tables and act like they have a boner?

So some guys at my school act like they're getting boners and pound the desks whenever a girl is wearing a low cut shirt or tight jeans, or whatever. Why do they do it? I don't get it? Like do their boners hurt that bad or something?? What is it?

hey, all it basically means is dat wen they notice a hot chick theyd pound on da tables. they can either pound under da table, as in their boners r hittin the bottom of da table or on top as in they cant control it wen they c her. its basically a guys joke it isnt exactly ment for chicks ta understand. i aint tryna b sexist or nethin im js dat its retarded n theyre jus bein dumb. ur best bet is ta let them b guys :-)

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