Why Do Men Become Players?

Where do all the rich black men hang out in Philadelphia?

I mean nba players/nfl players/producers or successful men.

They're all at my place, why don't you come over? Wear something tight.

Whyare more black men becoming hockey players today? Is it to show their diverse atheletic abilities?

Or is it cuz they're too sexy for sports like football and basketball and want to exoand their arenas for getting women? We're all tired of Eastern European hockey players, so are black men now the new magnets for girls on the ice? There's nothing sexier to us girls than watchign a black man swerving his body sinuously while shooting a ouck around & scoring goals.


Black hockey players get the skillz like any other athlete in any other sport: practice.
I can't imagine that all they're thinking about is how many women they are going to get when they abandon football and basketball for hockey.

For the record, black hockey players were coming out of canada before helmets were invented but are not commonly listed or credited for their accomplishments.


Why so many men become players after a dramatic divorce?

I've been unlucky enough to get involved with two of them. They both have played with my feelings and I am sure that there are girls out there that feel exactly the same way. Surely when you marry someone you want to settle. Can you say these men are weak and cowards for becoming a mess after a divorce?

Many men who have been through a difficult time with a relationship become far less willing to jump into another serious and long term relationship. As I am sure you know, women can be very cruel when things go bad so many men decide that they'll just keep things superficial and jump ship as soon as the woman begins demanding more.

Do you think Pat Summit could coach in the Nba?

and do a decent job?

I don't think Coach Summitt can coach very well in the NBA given that it is a player's league and she is going to have to give in a bit to the players' egos. I don't think egotistical NBA players will object to being coached by a woman, but as a college head coach, you are the boss and you are the biggest legend of them all if you have multiple titles there, etc. Some of the less egotistical teams or the younger teams may work better with Summitt because they don't have a clear big market franchise name yet, like Minnesota, or Memphis. A team like San Antonio could also work with Summitt because it is less egotistical. However, she still won't have the type of authority like she does at Tennessee with the Lady Vols.

I personally dont' think she make a bad men's college ball coach, but Summitt has said repeatedly that she isn't interested in doing this. She has been offered the men's job at Tennessee a couple times before and both times she has refused. Nevertheless, she and her program has more respect at Tennessee than Bruce Pearl and the men since they play on Pat Summitt Court, not Ernie Grunfeld/Bernard King Court.

The only women's basketball coach, not a female coach who I can think of that may make a good men's coach perhaps is Geno Auriemma of Connecticut, since he has said that he has not ruled it out, saying that he admits sometimes that he wants a new challenge. But even he too is a guy who demands that he is THE AUTHORITY from his players and NBA players don't like that. If there's any place Auriemma may coach for the men, it's either going to be UConn once Calhoun retires (I don't think he'll last much longer and Auriemma will definitely be offered the job there), or another good men's program in a major conference. He won't be in the NBA as a head coach, that's for sure.

When will NHL players be released by there teams for the Olympics?

With Olympic Men's Hockey starting on February 16, I am wondering if anyone knows when players will be leaving their NHL teams for their national teams. I'm assuming the national coaches would like them to practice together before the start of the tournament.

Unfortunately there will not be a ton of practice time for these elite players of each respective country. To show how rushed they are they are breaking in their respective countries pads and gear(in particular goalies) during team practices around the league in the USA.

Some countries though have already gathered a lot of these players to practice together before the season started to check for eligibility for the Olympic team, and worked a little on chemistry.

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