Why Do Eyes Water For No Reason?

Why do my eyes constantly keep watering?

For a while now my eyes water for no reason. They don't stop watering. I don't have any allergies. Please help it is bugging me a lot.

It is normally a sign of dry eyes, when your eyes water it is trying to lubricate your eyes, but because it is water based, it runs of the eye surface.

Artificial tears will help.

can you become blind from getting soapy water into your eyes?

i read that stevie wonder became blind because of soapy water getting into his eyes...i got soapy water in my eyes and now im worried =[

Nope. Unless you start to scratch your eyes and screw up things in your eyes. Its very unlikely that you become blind from soapy water. I get shampoo and stuff in my eyes a lot but my eyes are fine.

Do your eyes water when you urinate or yawn?

My eyes automatically water and sometimes tears would come out when I pee, especially in the morning. Likewise every time I yawn my eyes water and people would ask me if I'm okay since I look like I've been crying, which can be a little embarrassing. I've always thought everyone's eyes do that when they pee or yawn since it's so normal to me until I talked about this with my friend recently and he has no clue what I'm talking about. Do your eyes water when you pee or yawn?

Not all of the time but sometimes for both.

What is the best type of mascara for watery eyes?

I have bad allergies and my eyes water a lot.Every time I laugh, or rub my eyes, my eyes water, and mascara smears and goes everywhere! Help me!

waterproof lash blast. However if you are worried about reactions I would consider Almay 3 in one nourishing coat in water proof. it is really good. I like it because it is really waterproof, the package says ocean proof, and it doesnt lie. It has an awesome brush that is really user friendly. And it is hypoallergenic so it wont irritate your eyes.
it is so worth a shot.
hope this helps!

Whats a really good waterproof eyeliner that wont come off when my eyes water?

My eyes water alot, and right now im using the Maybelline gel eyeliner, and it comes off really easily when my eyes water... is there any eyeliners out there that would be best for my eyes ? P.S. please dont suggest MAC because its too expensive for me.

I use this waterproof eyeliner from e.l.f (cheap make up brand) It works well I swim a lot in the summer and it works so well I come out of the water and it looks normal like I just put it on. It survives in the heat of the sun without melting and flaking. Also my friend has the same issue as you and it works well for her. Best of all it is only $1.

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