Why Do Eyes Open When People Die?

What are a number of ways you can die with your eyes open?

I first started wondering if you can strangled with your eyes open. Would your eyes roll back? Poisonous gas? Poisoned food? Hanged? Or how about being stabbed or shot? Probably you could die with your eyes open, right? This is a question is /solely/ for reference! Answer with the best of your apathetic medical knowledge, please! Feel free to add any deaths and what are the typical physiological responses to dying in such a way.


Why is it that some people die with their eyes open?

we have an assignment, we are asked about why do some people die with their eyes open? what could be the medical explanation of that? please.. i need thte answer.

To close the eye the muscles must contract. to open they have to flex ( relax ). In most cases the muscle relaxes to the open position. It can be forced closed during the embalming process and usually stay shut, as tissue remains, in the final fixture as the chemicals cure the body. Extremeties have more muscle mass, so they tend to remain in the found position at time of death.

Why did my grandpa open his eyes before he died?

A few minutes before my grandpa died, he opened his eyes. He wasn't looking at anything (at least nothing anyone on earth could see) since he had been unconscious for a while before he died. What might have caused his eyes to open?

Some people will reject this, but I very firmly believe that people see God or Heaven just before they die. I have seen this phenomenon many, many times. It may be reflex activity, but I've also had such people say things at the moment of death that indicates to me that they see something on the other side. I've seen people who were unconscious for a couple of weeks, suddenly open their eyes and say such things as, "Mother? I'm coming, Mother." And then they die. Or some people see Jesus. Again, people locked in science will explain it away with neuro activity of a dying brain, but I choose to believe there is something on the other side, and they can see it as they cross over. My personal belief is that there is no such thing as death. There is only crossing from one plane of existence over to another. You are free to believe whatever you want. I guess we'll all find out for certain soon enough.

How to let your eyes close naturally?

I am going to try meditating, but apparently you are supposed to let your eyes close naturally. I can't do that. I actually have to close them by closing my eyes. How can you just let them close without forcing it?

the default position of your eye is "open". Thats why when people die, their eyes are open and someone usually forces them to close. The eye muscle(levator) is mostly there to close your eyes. Ask your meditation instructor..

Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed?

I kiss with my eyes closed but my girlfriend kisses with hers open. When you kiss are your eyes open or closed? Why do some people kiss with them open?

I kiss with my eyes closed. But I have kissed girls before who have kissed with their eyes open, and its very creepy to see them staring at you while your tongue is down their throat.

Some people kiss with their eyes open so they know who they are kissing because some people are still in shock they are kissing someone they like a lot, others just try to take in every single second of the moment so sometimes when they get lonely they can replay the memory of that kiss perfectly

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