Why Do Eyes Open Before Death?

My guinea pig died with her eyes open. What does this mean?

I came back home from school yesterday, and came into the kitchen, and see my guinea pig lieing in one spot, with her eyes open, and I couldn't see her breathing. I knew she was dead, so I burst into tears and collapsed on the ground. I've been crying for 2 days! What does it mean when an animal dies with their eyes open?

It's a natural thing that happens. Often when a human or animal dies their eyes remain open because the muscles required to close them no longer function in death. It doesn't mean there was suffering. In fact when bodies are prepared for funerals, the eyes are actually sewn shut. Sorry, a little morbid, but you asked.

If you relax every muscle in your face, do your eyes open or close?

I assume that they close. But yet some eyes remain open after a person dies if they died with them open. Is there some sort of mechanism that keeps them that way after death? Also, sometimes when I'm trying to sleep I will consciously relax every muscle I can, and then my eyes gradually open. It seems like I'm having to exert energy to keep them closed before I fall asleep. I'm just getting contradictory evidence here and need someone to sort this out for me.

The relaxed position for the muscles that control the eyelids is open. This is why often if a person dies with their eyes closed the eyes will open partially (rigor mortis stops them from opening all the way). So yes you do actually have to exert just a bit of energy to keep them closed.

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep?

It makes a whole lot more sense to open them. You (in nature) would be aware of your predators; and it just seems like it would make more sense.

To say we close our eyes when we sleep is to say we have something to do with it but we don't. Our eyes close automatically. Whether our eyes are open or shut is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. The condition is involuntary. Although while awake we can close our eyes voluntarily as soon as we stop thinking about it they open and we do not have to think about keeping them open. As soon as we lose consciousness they automatically close. Closed eyes help us sleep and also they are less likely to dry out.
There are people who often sleep with their eyes partially open.

How long does it take for a baby bunnie to open its eyes?

Ok so i found 3 baby bunnies on Saturday. 2 of the baby bunnies opened their eyes but only 1 didn't and it makes me a little nervous that he is sick and i want them all to live. Is the bunny not ready to open his eyes, afraid or what? I need your help thank you!

you usually clean out the nest when they nine days old and they usually open there eyes between 10 and 12 days if the are not open by the 12 day you must bath them with sterile Water if you do not get the eyes open the baby could be blind when he/she does open them if they are left closed to long.

How long does it take until kittens open their eyes?

My cat had her kittens 2 weeks ago. Their eyes haven't opened, is that a problem? If it is what can i do to help the kittens open their eyes?

Short haired kittens will open their eyes at about 8 days after birth while long haired kittens will open their eyes at about 10 to 14 days after birth. I really wouldn't worry too much, some kittens differ in speeds of maturity. Mostly just take a warm washcloth and wipe their eyes gently to keep any crust off of the eye lids. Don't try to peel them open though! They will eventually open on their own time!

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