Why Do Americans Think They Are Irish?

What to the anti-Americans picture in their minds when they fume about how much they hate Americans?

When they dehumanize and debase Americans, who are they picturing? African-Americans? Italian-Americans? Irish-Americans? Asian-Americans? Mexican-Americans? Arab-Americans? Jews? Catholics? Atheists? Amish? Or any combination of those thereto?


Why did where Irish immigrants treated like crap by other White Americans when they fist started settling here?

I believe an important part of it was because of overall English disdain for the (Catholic) Irish. Since at that time probably a majority of the Americans were still of Anglo (or perhaps Scots-Irish , Irish Protestant) descent, this sort of prejudice was somewhat "cultural" and transferred over from their ancestors. Also I think they likely viewed the new immigrants as not only culturally or ethnically undesirable, but also as potential rivals in some areas for jobs, social services, living places, etc.

Irish people why do you flip flop about Irish Americans when it serves your pride or self-interest?

I mean if I go to Ireland right now I'll and tell people I'm Irish, I'll get the typical witty response,"me **** you are, and I'm the Emperor of Offaly". Even though I have citizenship through my grandparents. Yet if someone prosperous or well known such as Barack Obama and JFK with great-great grandparents and the like, say they're Irish nothing is said about it wtf? Barack Obama is not even 1/32 Irish, and I'm not Irish?

To be honest, I don't think you can claim be Irish when you haven't lived there. You are of Irish ancestry, maybe and that's only through grandparents. And was that one set or two, even? Had you been born in Ireland and moved to America as a baby, then I'd say you had a point. Had you been born to American parents in Ireland and raised there, again I'd say you'd have a case - you'd be American/Irish. Had you moved to Ireland as a child and lived there all your life, I may not disagree if you considered yourself Irish, having absorbed its culture and were patriotic enough to call yourself Irish. But in your case, if everyone in America claimed to be of the nationality of their grandparents, that would make everyone in America, non-American. And that's another can of worms!.......

Why were Irish immigrants discriminated against?

Many Irish immigrants were Catholic. In the 1850s there was a movement by people known as the 'Know Nothings' to try to exclude Catholics from public office. In addition, due to the large immigrations during that period, many native-born Americans believed that the Irish were taking their jobs -- a sentiment familiar even today.

Do the Scottish Celebrate St. Patrick/Irish holidays/traditions?

I'm not trying to typecast the Irish with the Scottish, but my limited knowledge on the two people brings some questions to mind.

I would imagine it's much the Americans. If there are a few Irish there, then there is a celebration. Heck did you know that in some Asian countries St. Patrick's day is the second largest celebrated holiday? Go figure that one.

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