Who Killed Xerxes?

Does the bible really mention xerxes?

was he a good guy?

Most definitely.
Est 1:1 This is what happened during the time of Xerxes, the Xerxes who ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush,2 At that time King Xerxes reigned from his royal throne in the citadel of Susa,

I do not see any scripture discrediting his name...He must be ok.

Whose more cruel, Xerxes from "The 300 Spartans" or the Christian God?

If you didn't bow down to that Persian king Xerxes, he would have you killed, "off with your head" executed, and he'd leave it at that. WHEREAS, If you don't bow down to the Christian God, he patiently waits until you die, and then in the afterlife, he has you burned alive in a fiery pit called Hell and continues with the torment of having you burned alive on fire in excruciating pain over and over and over. And like the Christian God, Xerxes gave the Spartans a choice. But if you don't bow down, the Christian God's punishment is far more severe than Xerxes's.


Xerxes rewarded those who swore obedience to him. God, on the other hand, demands obedience in return for some vague reward in an afterlife that no one is sure even exists.

could xerxes be a muslim name?

I'm converting to the muslim religion, and I am looking for a muslim name. I was wondering if xerxes would count.

The boy's name Xerxes \x(e)-rxes\ is of Persian origin, and its meaning is "monarch". Xerxes was the title of several Persian rulers.

How would you feel if your parents named you Xerxes?

Thinking about the name Xerxes Malachi for our little boy that is on the way. We(the father and mother) think the name sounds strong and would be a good one. Our family thinks the kid would hate us for it. Just want opinions on how you would feel if your first name was Xerxes. We were going to call him Malachi until he was old enough to decide for himself on the name Xerxes. Thanks Xerxes is pronounce Zerk-sees. He was the Persian king son of Darius I who saved Esther in the Bible.

I'm sorry...I agree with your family.

How about Xavier,or Alexander and you can call him Xander (though he'll probably want to be Xander).

I don't even know how to pronounced Xerxes.Is it like Zerzes?I don't like how it looks,I can't even pronounce it and the way I guessed it's pronounced I also dislike.

is king xerxes who defeated the spartans the same xerxes from the bible?

Yes, I was Xerxes the first. Ruling from 485 to 465 BC. He is called Ahasuerus in the bible.

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