Who Killed Superman?

Can Doomsday kill Superman without the use of Kryptonite?

He's been mentioned to be Superman's most powerful enemy who's abilities are equal or probably slightly stronger than Superman's. He was described as the villain who killed Superman in "The Death of Superman" but let's not forget that Superman didn't exactly die in that story but actually heavily wounded.

Well...In the theoretical world...yes...However, chances are that this would never happen. There are only two real ways that this could be done, and if Doomsday did the same thing that he did the last time, where he basically beat Superman until he was dead (because Doomsday gets stronger every time he dies so...he maybe able to do that...MAYBE). Also, if Doomsday was smart enough to get his hands on a sort of magically based weapon he would be able to do that (because Supes can be hurt by magic)...so...maybe...but who knows? It is unlikely that DC would kill off its poster boy (which he is, along with Batman).

Was there a recent comic book where Batman killed Superman?

I know someone who keeps telling me about Batman killing Superman. I don't follow comic books alot, but I am friends with the owner of a comic book store, and if something like that happened he would most likely tell me about it. Does anyone know if this has happened in DC universe?

Batman killed Superman in 1991.

He used a Kryptonite ring.

In a fight between The Incredible Hulk and Superman, who do you think would win?

In my personal opinion, Hulk would pummel Superman. What are your thoughts?

Superman would win easily. He could do it in so many ways.

Superman could just grab the Hulk and fly him to another planet,leave him there and fly back to earth.
Superman could fly around the earth so fast that he turns back time and just kill Bruce Banner before he becomes the Hulk.
Superman could blow on the Hulk and freeze him in a block of ice.
The possibilities are limitless with Superman. He is an alien.

The Hulk is tough. A giant brute. But only when he is mad. Superman is always Superman.


Why doe Superman stop bullets with his chest, but duck when you throw a revolver at him?

superman is not live he only fake actor in the movie but most people belivie superman some not!!!

Question about superman returns?

The move before superman returns, did it have anything to do with superman returns, also can you possibly give me a list of all the superman movies in order? Also after each of the superman movies when they ended did they continue where they left off in the next movie?

Prior to the 2013 Man of Steel, there were 5 Superman Movies.

Superman II
Superman III
Superman IV: Quest for Peace

and in 2006, there was Superman Returns.
There is also a 2nd version of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut that restores his original storyline that was changed when he was replaced by Richard Lester as the director.

The original series of 4 Superman Movies all are connected to one another, with each movie building on elements from the previous movies.

When Superman Returns was released, it was set to be a replacement sequel for Superman II, have the previous 2 movies set up the history of Superman. In this new continuity, the events of the previous 2 films had happened about 5 years before when Superman left to see if there were any survivors from where Krypton was.

Had Superman Returns been successful, they would have continued the series from there, but due to the issues with the movie, they ended up rebooting Superman completely so that now none of the previous movies have ever happened.

Also, there is the whole Smallville Television series, which is a separate continuity all on its own, and there was Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman that was also live action that was also it's own universe.

Finally, there were many Superman Serials back in the 1950's that also are not tied in to any of the other Superman properties.

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