Who Killed Stalin?

how many people did hitler kill? how many did stalin kill?

i've read stalin killed more. what are the exact numbers?


Researchers before the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union attempting to count the number of people killed under Stalin's regime produced estimates ranging from 3 to 60 million.[69] After the Soviet Union dissolved, evidence from the Soviet archives also became available, containing official records of the execution of approximately 800,000 prisoners under Stalin for either political or criminal offenses, around 1.7 million deaths in the Gulags and some 390,000 deaths during kulak forced resettlement – for a total of about 3 million officially recorded victims in these categories.[70]


about 6 million people jews were killed but technically adolf hitler didn't kill any his nazi soldiers


How did joseph stalin die?

Who killed him

Officially he died from natural causes, a cerebral hemorrhage. Of course if someone were to have assassinated him, it most likely have been Lavrenty Beria. Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that Beria had, immediately after the stroke, gone about "spewing hatred against Stalin and mocking him", and then, when Stalin showed signs of consciousness, dropped to his knees and kissed his hand. When Stalin fell unconscious again, Beria immediately stood and spat. Beria had good reason to worry, as Stalin had started to slowly denounce Beria in the news, and Beria obviously the man who used to be doing the announcing, knew that he might be denounced publicly soon. Though much of this is speculation, and a lot of other people had reason to want Stalin dead also.

Why Is Hitler revered as the evilest man in history when others like Stalin and Mao killed far more?

Mao Killed 73,237,000 1949-Present Stalin killed 58,627,000 from 1922-1991 Hitler killed 9-11 Million from 1936-1945 i just dont understand why he is considered the evilest man in history when people like Mao Zedong are still killing people to this very day!

Mao and Stalin didn't kill people in pursuit of an absurd racial theory.

Hitler started a war of annihilation and enslavement that killed nearly 70 million people.

That's why his is considered the most evil.

Did Hitler kill more than 11 million people?

According to some people, the invasion of the Soviet Union has a death toll of 22 to 30 million people. If he (let's say) killed around 30 million in Russia and killed 11 million more in the holocaust, doesn't this make him worst than Stalin and the Japanese?

That was cause of war.Stalin was way worse.

Who was worse Stalin or Ivan the terrible?

no answers about how i should not be comparing murderers please!

Ivan because he came before stalin. Stalin was just a dictator that robbed someone elses idea's and made them his own. Ivan came up with the original idea's and stalin copied them.
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