Who Killed Rita Morgan?

Who killed Rita Morgan on Showtime's Dexter?

I just finished season 4. I am blown away by the finale. Season five already ended, so who killed Rita? I don't care about spoilers. Please help! Thank you. Also does anyone know when season 5 is being released onto DVD?

The Trinity Killer!

In the show Dexter, does anyone know who killed his wife Rita? Was it the Trinity killer or the neighbor?

I think it was the neighbor who was infatuated with Rita. In an earlier episode both Dexter and Rita saw the neighbor yelling violently at his wife. After this argument, the wife doesn't live there anymore. Do you think this is something they may come back to? Maybe Dexter will realize it wasn't the trinity killer who killed Rita?

Trinity Killer did it I think...You could be right though, Arthur Mitchell was in such a hurry to get away that he might of not had time to kill Rita. Elliot knew he couldn't have Rita so he could of got mad and killed her.

who killed rita morgan in dexter season 4?

who killed rita morgan in dexter season 4? why is she in a bath of blood? did shekill herself or did someone kill her?

I have a few theories. My main theory is that it was not trinity at all. The Main reason i believe this is because he was always so clean with his kill sites and this was a very messy kill with blood everywhere. I did not even think of it being Dexter til reading something recently. It is always an option but i find it far fetched. A long shot might be the neighbor? He was the first person that came to my mind actually because he was kind of an important character and sketchy all season. I would say Trinity's son but they did show him being taken away by the police so that is probably the least likely. If i had to pick one person it would be Trinity even though I would like it to take a cool twist and be someone else but I bet it will just start season 5 with the funeral and we will just have to assume it was Trinity.

Who do you think killed Rita Morgan on Dexter?

I don't think it was the trinity killer, because they obviously purposely took the baby upstairs to sit him in blood, just like Dexter was as a child. It had to have been somebody who knew his past.

As far as we know, no one else knows about his past. His father is dead. His mother is dead. His brother is dead (he killed him). The guy who killed his mother is dead (he killed him). Even the nice records lady who knew is now dead (he killed her - at her request). Debra is beginning to find out some of the facts, but she certainly had nothing to do with it.

I don't think anyone was supposed to have sat the baby in the blood. I think the idea was that someone murdered Rita in the bathtub, and the baby just happened to end up in that position. The real reason for that "coincidence", of course, was for the Dexter producers to recreate the same imagery we saw in Dexter's own origin story. But I don't think the killer was supposed to have anything to do with that.

The only question in my mind is whether the Killer was Trinity, the obvious choice, or whether it was the next door neighbor (the one Dexter punched for kissing Rita). Right now, everything points to Trinity, but the writers might decide to opt for a twist... I can't completely rule out the neighbor at this point.

who killed Rita Morgan on Dexter?

the Trinity killer season 4 spectacular season a must see http://www.imdb.com/media/rm219647488/nm0001475 john Lithgow

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