Who Killed Pluto?

how far is pluto from earth?

Depend on time of year.
The earth could conceivable be a minimum distance of about 29AU if earth and pluto are on the same side of the sun and pluto is at perihelion. Alternatively, if earth and pluto are on opposite sides of the sun and pluto is at aphelion, the distance goes up to 50AU

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Since When Did Pluto Become a None Planet....?

Are Astronomer's going loopy,,,? Please tell me When pluto became a none Planet...? http://blame.ca/?p=85 PLUTO IS STILL A PLANET IN MY OPINION

It's still a planet. It's been grandfathered in.

Some astronomers will tell you that Pluto is no longer a planet, but I am not one of them.

Addendum: I'll actually go two or three farther and say that Sedna and a couple other Kuiper Belt objects are planets, too. If it's massive enough to be spherical, it's planet enough for me.

There is disagreement in the field on this issue, of course, but astronomers who think that giving Pluto the shaft wasn't a nice thing to do are not few in number.

What happened to Astrology after Pluto is not a planet anymore?

I know astrology uses all the planets to make predictions and all of that stuff. But Pluto is not a planet anymore, so what happened? What about the other "Dwarft Planets" like Pluto? Did anything changed?

Disregarding for the moment the complete absence of science in astrology... Pluto is as it always was. It doesn't make any difference at all what we *call* it - Pluto is still an astronomical body orbiting the sun. No amount of game-playing with meaningless labels will change that.

Whatever "influence" Pluto may have had on your destiny it still has. If we decide tomorrow that we're going to call Pluto an over sized badger that still wouldn't change.

it is true???

It is true that planet pluto was out-of orbit and lost?This is because my friend have tell me about this news.So I want to know the real matter.

No, it is not true. Pluto's orbit (and Pluto itself) is exactly the same as it ever was, and its position is known very precisely. The only thing that has changed is Pluto's status as a planet. Because of recent discoveries it became apparent to astronomers that Pluto was sufficiently different from the major planets that it no longer qualified as a planet, and it was reclassified as a dwarf planet, along with Ceres and Eris.

how far is pluto from earth in km?

the closest distance between the Earth and Pluto occurs when Earth is at its most distant from the Sun, and Pluto is at its closest. And the Sun, Earth and Pluto are lined up in a perfect line. When this happens, Pluto and Earth would be separated by 4.2 billion km.

At their most distant, Earth would be at its furthest at the opposite side of the Sun from Pluto. At this point, Earth and Pluto would be separated by 7.5 billion km.

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