Who Killed Joffrey?

Why did Joffrey Baratheon get murdered?

I don't understand why Littlefinger killed Joffrey (or had him killed, whatever. The point is, he made it so Joffrey died). What was his motivation? Also, what was the point of the hairnet? Why didn't the old lady who did the poisoning just bring the poison in her pocket or whatever? Just something that's always bothered me.

Because he was a psychotic b#stard that was bringing the kingdom to the brink of collapse. NO ONE benefited from him being king, except Cersei (who's also a selfish b%ch).

( I HATED Joffrey so frigging much! I just wanted to reach into the book and punch him in his smarmy psychotic face.) ugh!!

Because of Sansa's personality and age, no one would suspect her to think of such a plan. However, once it unfolded, she became the perfect patsy. So even that old lady of House Tyrell used Sansa.

(God, I hated Joffrey...) xD

Characters who die in A Song of Ice and Fire series?

Please tell me all the characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series!!!! Seriously I don't care about spoilers. I would rather know while reading so I don't freak out when everyone dies! THANKS!!!

I'll name the ones on the top of my head, I can't remember them all.

Eddard Stark, executed by Joffrey
Renly Baratheon, killed by Melisandre's shadow
Khal Drogo, died of euthanization
Robb Stark, murdered at Edmure's wedding
Catelyn Stark, also murdered at wedding
Viserys Targaryen, killed by Drogo
Lysa Arryn, killed by fall out of Moon Door
Jeor Mormont, killed in mutiny
Balon Greyjoy, died from fall
Joffrey Baratheon, poisoned at wedding
Oberyn Martell, killed fighting the Mountain
Maester Aemon, died at sea
Robert Baratheon, killed by boar
Tywin Lannister, killed by Tyrion
Quentyn Martell, killed by Dany's dragons
Kevan Lannister, murdered by Varys

I think that covers the main characters.

GOT: how will Joffrey Baratheon die?

Hi, i am a huge fan of GOT! Now...i want Joffrey dead more than ever, and i think you want him dead too! I feel sorry about Sansa...she is My favorite character BUT OK what ever i just want to know how he will die! Will they cut his head off...or...sword him? I just dunno. Sorry for bad English.

I bet a giant piano will fall on his head.*

Game of Thrones: How does Joffrey die? What book, who does it, and details please?

I'm dying to know, I'm reading Book 1 currently; my brother is reading Book 2. I am desperate to know. Also, If necessary, please give out any other spoilers to me if you'd like... I don't mind spoilers at all!!!

Joffrey drinks poisoned wine at his own wedding. Did the jilted Sansa do it? Tyrion, who detests him? His mother, wanting his power for herself, through his younger brother? His new wife, preferring not to be married to a monster?

I'm not telling.

Will Joffrey die....?

it's about "The game of thrones" and i really need to know if king Joffrey will die. so i would know is it worth to read the books. don't tell me how he will die.

read the books ,they are better than the tv program, it is good
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