Who Killed Feriha In Adini Feriha Koydum?

Turkish series in English?

Do you know any websites that have the Turkish series adini feriha koydum (I named her feriha) with English subtitles? I already watched season 1, but the website I watch it on doesn't have season 2!

Hello, I think they have it on YouTube? Spoiler alert! Don't read on if you don't want to know what happens! Well basically it begins to die down near the end if season 2 but the producers want to carry on filming but feriha wants to drop out of the film and move on as her contract is over. Anyway they kill her off and it carries onto season 3 but is taken off after a few weeks becuase it comes stupid. :D sorry couldn't help myself, it should have been an happy ending. Still mad.

All major characters who died in Naruto?

List please :p

The Naruto Characters that die are...

· Killed by: Orochimaru

· Killed by: Itachi

· Killed by: Gaara

White Fang
· Killed by: Himself

Uchiha Clan Members
· Killed by: Itachi

· Killed by: Temari

· Killed by: Gaara

Sasori of the Red Sand
· Killed by: Chiyo-baa-sama

Sakon & Ukon
· Killed by: Kankuro

Rokushou Aoi
· Killed by: Naruto

· Killed by: Sasuke

· Killed by: Kakko

· Killed by: Orochimaru

· Killed by: Neji

· Killed by: Falling building

· Killed by: Hidan

· Killed by: Self

· Killed by: Himself

· Killed by: Gaara

Gaara of the Desert
· Killed by: Akatsuki (Note: Gaara was later brought back to life by Chiyo)

Gaara's Mother
· Killed by: Birthgiving

· Killed by: Zabuza

Gatou's Men
· Killed by: Zabuza

Gekkou Hayate
· Killed by: Baki

· Killed by: Kakashi

· Killed By: Shikamaru

Hyuuga Hizashi
· Killed by: Sacrifice

Iruka's Parents
· Killed by: Kyuubi

· Killed by: Pain

· Killed by: Chouji

· Killed by: Naruto/Kakashi

Kaguya Kimimaro
· Killed by: Gaara/Disease

there are many of them included first,second,third and four hokage
sorry misspelling. :)

How was Titan Cronus actually killed?

There has been many sayings about this. A few of my friends say that Zeus was the one who killed Cronus. But i have read somewhere that Cronus was defeated(not killed) by Zeus and others and imprisoned him and other titans to Tartarus. Then later, Cronus escaped from tartarus and then he was defeated(maybe killed) by his mother Gaia. Is this the right answer? How in the world was Cronus killed?I am sure that he was sent to tartarus and then he escaped, then killed?

if i'm not mistaken a titan cannot be killed and Cronos was imprisoned in tartarus but it's impossible to say really. there are a million different versions of one myth and no one can really say which one is the correct one.

Why did Jimmy Darmody show up at the Manny meet with no weapon? Was he expecting Nucky to kill Manny or?

was he really expecting to be killed by Nucky? I still don't understand why Jimmy would want to get killed. Who wants to get killed? If that's the case, why didn't he just commit suicide? I could've taken that easier than what happened.

He expected to be killed.

He had sex with his mother; his lesbian wife got killed because he became a thug; He killed his own father; all his affairs were in order so his son is taken care of, and the only person who ever looked out for him growing up he tried to kill so he had it coming.

He and the writers wanted him to get killed to make room for new gangsters on the show.

If he commits suicide, Nucky gets no respect and perhaps his son gets no money. I think he figures Nucky will look after the boy, perhaps.

I think he should have killed the mother as well. That might have had the audience cheer.

Pretty Little Liars: Who killed Wilden, Ian, and Garrett?

I know they were all killed by A, but do you know who killed Detective Darren Wilden, Ian Thomas and Garrett Reynolds? Also, who did Aria stab with a screwdriver on the Ghost Train episode?

They think CeCe killed Wilden, but that someone paid her to do it. (probably A) I don't know who killed Ian but I think Wilden killed Garrett.

Aria stabbed Wilden with the screwdriver.

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