Who Killed Cock-robin?

Who Really Killed Cock Robin?

I need help writing a poem about the book 'Who Really Killed Cock Robin' HELP

base it on the nursery rhyme with some (or maybe all the verses) rewritten to fit in with the book

i'll start you off with the first verse

Who killed Cock Robin
I said pollution
That's the solution
I killed Cock Robin

In the song who killed Cock Robin?

In the song who killed Cock Robin


Batman and Robin Question.?

Okay, so I have once again become addicted to a certain series. I recently picked up the new Batman: Arkham City video game for the Xbox and have become hypnotized into the story. I have watched Batman movies in the past, but never really jumped into all there is to know. Robin is (and has been, since i first saw him) my favorite character in the Batman universe. This brings me to my real question(s) here. So, Robin started as Dick Grayson and was sidekick to Batman, correct? Well, how did he get started being Robin? Why did he decide to become Nightwing after his long time of being Robin? Is there another Robin? How does Batman feel about the old Robin leaving? Please leave as detailed of an explanation as possible. Also, leave other important info about the Batman series. Thanks in advance!

Yes, the first Robin was Dick Grayson and started out as a sidekick to Batman. Bruce Wayne (Batman's secret identity) was at a show that the Grayson family was performing at and Dick's family all got killed in what was made to look like an accident because Mr. Haley (the circus owner) wouldn't pay protection fees. Bruce feeling sorry for Dick and being able to relate took him under his wing. He became Nightwing because he was fed up with Batman's way of handling things and overall Dick , wanted to become his own person. Batman, I think at least, was upset by the fact that Dick left him, but they eventually reconciled and became family again.
There have been four long term Robins and one short term Robin.
The first was Dick Grayson (later Nightwing then replacement Batman for when Bruce died, then back to Nightwing a long while after Bruce came back to life), the second was Jason Todd (who was killed by the Joker and later revived as the villain Red Hood), the third was Tim Drake (went on to be Red Robin) and the most recent Robin is Damian Wayne who is Bruce's son that was raised by the League of Shadows. The one short term Robin was Stephanie Brown, she was Robin for just a very few issues before she was tortured and killed by the Black Mask.

How tall is batman and robin combined?

For the comics:

Batman (6' 2") + Nightwing, 1st Robin (5' 10") = 12' 0"
Batman (6' 2") + "Red Robin," 2nd Robin (6' 0") = 12' 2"
Batman (6' 2") + Robin, 3rd Robin (5' 8") = 11' 10"
Batman (6' 2") + Spoiler, 4th Robin (5' 6") = 11' 8"

There is no height given for Carrie Kelley, the Robin of The Dark Knight Returns, but I'd say she's shorter than Spoiler, so you can make your own estimate.

For the movies:

Val Kilmer (6' 1/2") + Chris O'Donnell (5' 10")= 11' 10 1/2"
George Clooney (5' 11") + Chris O'Donnell (5' 10")= 11' 9"

Michael Keaton and Christian Bale's respective heights do not matter in this scenario as there are no Robins in their movies.

How can i play as robin inBatman: Arkham City?

In Batman: Arkham City how can i play as robin?

You would need to purchase some extra content.

Harley Quinn's Revenge is quite short, but Robin is playable for most of the time in that.

Robin is also playable in challenge maps. You need the Robin DLC pack for that.

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