Who Is The Wwe Champion Now?

What is the real name of RVD on ECW?

Rob Van Dam's real name is Robert Szatkowski. He was born on December 18, 1970, in Battle Creek, Michigan. He currently is both the WWE Champion and ECW Champion and much deserved in my opinion. To many he was the most underrated wrestler of all time because he had won soo many titles and yet no legitimate WWE title match. His resume speaks for itself: 1-time ECW World TV Champion, 2-time ECW World Tag Team Champion, 1-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, 4-time WWE Hardcore Champion, 6-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, 1-time WWE European Champion, 2-time World Tag Team Champion, 1-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and 1-time WWE Champion. Well, if you look really closely, then you'd see that he is only the 6th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history!!!

What do they mean when they say 10 time wwe champion?

What do they mean when they say John Cena is a 10 time wwe champion?Do they mean the exact wwe championship or all the others too?

John Cena is 12 time champion but, He'd won the wwe title about 10 times when, He'd beat JBL, Edge twice, Randy Orton twice, Batista, Miz, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and Elimination chamber 2010. But, He's 10 time wwe champion. He also hold the title as well.

If WWE and TNA goes bankrupt and shutdown?

Who do you want to be the last person to hold these champion belt and thier main event as their last match? This is who I want World Heavyweight - HBK WWE Champion - Undertaker TNA Legend Champion - Sting TNA World Champion - Kurt Angle ECW Champion - Tommy Dreamer X-Division Champion - AJ Style US Champion - R- Truth Intercontinental Champion - Evan Bourne World Tag Team Champion - Cryme Tyme WWE Tag Team Champion - Miz And Morrisson TNA Knockout Champion - Roxxi WWE Womens Champion - Mickie James WWE Divas Champion - Natalya Neidhart Hell In A Cell - Austin vs Randy Orton Six Side Steel Cage Match - Sting vs Kurt Angle

It wouldn't really matter who held what titles in their last match. If wrestling as we know would go bankrupt or be shutdown for good.

Is Dolph Ziggler ready to be thrusted in to the main event scene?

I think he is because he just has the talent. The only thing that is off and not right is for Jericho to come in a feud with CM Punk..So that took away Zigglers oppurtunity to become WWE Champion..At this point, he probably will be WWE Champion in 2012 though

Ziggler is a reasonable wrestler for the times in WWE, but his name is so terrible that it takes credibility away from himself. If he had a name change, then he could become a P.G. Era champion, but then again, if dick wits like Miz and Swagger can be champions, then why not Ziggler?

If that tragic accident in 1999 never happened do you think Owen Hart will be WWE Champion?

Just my personal opinion, but I don't think so.

Because in 1999, Owen Hart's WWE career had declined. Many said he would be WWE Champion. But in 1999, Owen Hart was no longer a main eventer and WWE had no plans of making him WWE Champion. Owen Hart should have been WWE Champion in 1994 during his feud with Bret Hart. After the feud with Bret ended, Owen always got overshadowed by his brother.

By 1999, Vince hated Owen because he also tried to leave along with Bret after Montreal Screwjobin 1997. Vince had ruined Owen since 1998. In 1999, Owen Hart is just a mid carder, challenging for Intercontinental Title the night he died.

So, I think Owen would stay in mid card and retire around 2002.

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