Which Football Player Known As Black Pearl?

Do Black men treat women better in relationships?

because I see a lot of white women dating Black men. Do they treat women better, more affectionate, charming? what's their secret? Khloe Kardashian married that Black football player after dating for a month, so what did he do to sweep her off her feet?

First he is not a football player he is a basketball player. And the color of your skin should not matter on how you treat someone the Divorce rate is still 50 %

Is it possible to become a football player after 18?

I want o become a professional football player is it possible after 18?

Nothing is impossible!
Never say never!
Better late then never!

Hope these three statements will light your road to the professional football player career!

Do not wait any longer!
1. Make the overall medical check!
2. Start playing football at the nearby football school!

Tuncay Sanli is the best football player in the world?

Do you think Tuncay Sanli is the best football player in the world? In my opinion he is the best football player ever live in the universe and he is also Fenerbache best player of all time even better than Alex de Souza.

leo messi is the best football player in the world

sexy football player for halloween?

ok so im gonna be a sexy football player for halloween :) but im not sure what to wear... this is what i have so far: -pats jersey (that i would tie up so my stomach and belly ring show) -blue short shorts that match the jersey -white sneakers -white long socks and i would also wear white face paint under my eyes like football players do :) should i get white short shorts instead? should i wear different shoes? and should i wear my hair straight and down? i need helpp! thank you all! :) thank youu everyone! :)

I'm a football player too... I'm wearing my bfs black jersey tied up, black shorts with pink numbers on the bottom, white tube socks with black strips that have pink hearts, and I'm wearing my hair tied up in a side polytail, with black under my eyes :) I think we have everything... oh and I'm wearing converse sneekers. I was debating about bringing a foot ball but i dont wanna hold it...

Who is the greatest football player of all time?

In my mind I know who is the greatest football player of all time is, but i'll give someone 10 points if they can convince me who the greatest football player of all time is or do the best job in trying to convince me! George, i'm wanting to know the best player at their position! All the time I see lists of the greatest football player of all time usually led by Jerry Rice and Jim Brown at 1-2, so surely someone can try and convince me who the best player of all time is!

LT - The first year I was able to watch football in the UK was 86/87. When I went to buy a jets shirt the didn't have any. The only shirt they had was 56 of the Giants. I thought what the hell, bought it and decided to become a Giants fan from then on. That season (the less said about the next one the better) the Giants won the superbowl (21) for the first time and number 56 was the MVP of the season and went on to be the best line backer of his era (if not all time).
LT = Legend.

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