Which Cheese Goes With Grapes?

I want cheese what kind of cheese should I have?

I just want to have cheese alone, so maybe a kind of cheese that goes well with grapes.

Fontina or Havarti are great alone and both go good with grapes.

What are good pairing of cheeses and fruit?

I am looking for different types of cheese, that go really well with apples and grapes. Any suggestions. Oh, and if you know of any good gourmet cheese sites, that would be great.

Not those two fruits, but - colby cheese goes really well with peaches.

How much calories do grapes have?

the purple grapes. ( theirs green to ) but I want to know how much calories purple grapes have?

Hi, hope this helps;
A single grape weighs from 2 to 5 grams and contains 2-3 calories depending on the size. Different types of fresh grapes—red grapes, white grapes, purple or blue grapes—have almost the same calorie count. A cup of fresh grapes (92 grams) has 62 calories. Calories in grapes come from carbohydrates as grapes are very high in sugar. As most fruits, grapes are very low in fat and protein. It may be important to you if you monitor the ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet or follow the low-carb style of eating. Grapes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. Grapes are a very good source of manganese, an essential mineral supporting the immune system.

When is the best time to harvest wine grapes?

White grapes? Red grapes?

It depends on what kind of wine you are planning on making. For example, to make "ice wine" you would wait until the first freeze, and then harvest the grapes.

When are grapes in season?

I love grapes but the ones I'm seeing in supermarkets look not so appealing recently. I'm wondering if it's just because grapes aren't in season in August and September.

Grape harvest season depends on the region the grapes are being grown in. Some start around the beginning of September and others stay on the vine until the last days before frost because they get sweetest that way.

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