Where Was Urban Meyer Born?

Urban Meyer stepping down as Gator's Coach!?


Urban Meyer is quitting for health reasons? When I don't feel well, I just crap my pants. - Joe Paterno

Would Urban Meier REALLY leave Florida to Go to Notre Dame if Charlie Weiss got The Boot?


I'm an ND fan for life...and would be freakin ecstatic if ND could get Urban Meyer.

But, I am a REALISTIC ND fan too. The notion of ND being Urban Meyer's dream job was a clause in his Utah contract about him being able to break it if ND became available.

Since then, he has won 2 national championships at Florida. ND should make the call to the UF AD, but not kid itself. Urban Meyer turned down ND before Weis got hired. He'll probably turn down ND AFTER Weis gets fired.

Realistically, expect someone like U. of Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly to coach ND next year if Weis is fired. And I think Weis' time is up. ND AD Jack Swarbrick was asked about the worst part of this season, and Swarbrick said it was the Navy loss. Swarbrick said he "didn't see it coming" in reference to the Navy loss...

That pretty much says Weis' days are numbered...

Uh...Bleed Burnt Orange...ND didn't turn down Urban Meyer in favor of Weis. Urban Meyer turned down ND in favor of Florida...

is urban meyer coaching for ohio state next season...?

have they said if he is going to coach for ohio state next year or not..?i really hope so...

Urban Meyer is a good fit for Ohio State.
Next year, if not two weeks from now, Urban Meyer will be the Buckeye's head coach.

What do you think about Tom Brady's demand that the Patriots hire Urban Meyer as offensive coordinator???

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe is reporting that Tom Brady was disgusted with the offensive play-calling during the Super Bowl and demanded that a change be made. Just yesterday Brady called both Bill Belichick and VP of Player Personell Scott Pioli to give them permission to do what it takes to get Urban Meyer. Apparently Brady is enamored with Meyer's success running the spead-offense and believes he'd have no problem adjusting from the college game to the NFL. Would Urban Meyer be a good fit for the Patriots??

I think that would be a good choice.

Hasn't anybody figured out he is making this stuff up? By the way I think it is very amusing.

Ohio-Where football greatness happens. 8 of last 9 BCS Champion coaches are BUCKEYES. Any coincidence?

2000- Oklahoma. Bob Stoops born in Ohio. 2001- Miami. Larry Coker. Started coaching career at THE Ohio State University 2002- THE Ohio State University. Jim Tressel. Born in Ohio. 2003- LSU. Nick Saban. Starting coaching at Kent State (in Ohio) then moved on to THE Ohio State University. 2004- USC. Pete Carroll. Starting coaching at THE Ohio State University 2005- Texas. Mack Brown. No ties to Ohio. 2006- Florida. Urban Meyer. Born in Ohio. Starting coaching at THE Ohio State University. 2007- LSU. Les Miles. Born in Ohio. TRAITOR who played *ichigan. Learned about football by getting his *ss kicked by Ohio State for 4 seasons, his record as a scUM player against the Buckeyes was 0-3-1. 2008- Urban Meyer vs. Bob Stoops. Why do you think that all these coaches have Ohio ties and then turn out to be football geniuses?

Urban Meyer coached at BGSU in Ohio

Nick Saban also coached for the Browns and my alama mater University of Toledo. of course both in Ohio.

Wow it seems like about everyone who answered this question except for me is a fucking moron.

Boise State please they didn't play anyone get over it,.

I think what he is saying is that everyone dogs Ohio but that is were all the talented coaches come from.

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