Where Was Tad Lincoln When His Father Was Shot?

Why didn't Spielberg include the assassination of Abe Lincoln in the movie Lincoln?

Was there any specific reason. By the way, my friend told me about the movie (unfortunately, because I wanted to see it myself) Was the movie good, did you like it? Thank You

Probably because it wouldn't add anything to the movie to actually show the assassination. Spielberg obviously thought it would be much more emotionally powerful to show Tad Lincoln's shock and grief at hearing the news that his father had been shot.

I loved the movie and I loved Daniel Day-Lewis's performance as Lincoln.

And, you should still go see the movie. It's not like the movie is telling a story you didn't already know. I mean, it's a movie about historical events, for goodness sake! The joy of watching it lies in appreciating the skill of the movie makers and actors in presenting it to you.

Can you tell me a little bit abraham lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was born 1816 in a log cabin in Hardin County Kenntucky. He was the sixteenth prez. He had a son die in the white house his name was Tad Lincoln. He was married to Mary Todd Lincoln.

This should help.

how many kids did abe lincoln have?

Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926); Edward Baker Lincoln (1846-50); William Wallace Lincoln (1850-62); Thomas "Tad" Lincoln (1853-71)

Edward died at a very long age, Lincoln was so shocked by this he had the little boys body dug up many times threw out his life so he could see him again...

how todd died?

todd abraham's son

Maybe you need to add to your question, as it is confusing? Are you asking about Thomas "Tad" Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln? If so, go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tad_Lincoln

"On July 15, 1871 at the age of 18, Tad passed away in the Clifton House in Chicago. The cause of death, though not recorded, was most likely tuberculosis."

what diseases did lincons four sons die of?

QUICK PPL QUICK LOL i cant find it

If you're asking about Abraham Lincoln's sons, Edward Baker Lincoln died of chronic consumption at age three, William Wallace Lincoln died of typhoid fever at age 11, Thomas "Tad" Lincoln died of pleurisy caused by tuberculosis at age 17 and Robert Todd Lincoln (Secretary of War from 1881–1885) died of unspecified causes at age 83.

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