Where Was One Direction Discovered?

funny one direction jokes?

my last hour class tends to make fun of one direction alot but we need some new jokes the best one we came up with goes like this how many ways is there to get out of a closet? one direction

Shit falls one direction.
What do you do when you find 5 guys in bed? walk away in one direction
Gays can only be found in one direction.
What direction do homosexuals walk? One direction to hell.
When 5 dicks get together, there's only one direction to go.

Sorry if they are lame. I don't really know the band. I just saw they were a boy band and looked like Justin Bieber, and shut the video off. ^_^ I also never tell jokes. :P

How did one direction get discovered?

During Boot camp on the show X Factor (Bristish version) the boys auditioned solo but then was put together by Simon and from then on the 5 boys were known as One Direction, competing on the show comming in secound place. Hope this helps :)

Physics( Direction of cross product)?

if a= (3,1,-3) and b is (0, 0, -32). axb. What is its direction? And how do i get it? I already get axb=(-32,96,0). Thanks

The direction is as it appears: 32 in the negative x direction, 96 in the positive y direction and 0 in z, so the cross product lies in the x-y plane, 2nd quadrant.

Or, you can apply the right-hand rule: using your right hand, point your index finger in the direction of a and your second finger in the direction of b. Your thumb will indicate the approximate direction of a⨯b.

When did astronomers discover you can use stars for direction?

Around what time? BQ: can you only use this method in the north pole?

This was discovered many many thousands of years ago. In fact, birds use stars for direction, from a million years ago. Stars can be used for any direction, not just the north pole. You just have to pay attention to the whole pattern of stars in the sky, and how it changes during the year and from hour to hour.

how was one direction discovered?

Each of the boys (Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn) tried out for the X-Factor separately. They did not go through after the boot camp segment and were told to go home. As they were leaving they were called back to the stage where Simon Cowell had the genius plan to put them through to the next round- but this time as a group! And that is the fairy tale that is one direction (:
Mwah, Anna

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