Where Was Krispy Kreme Founded?

Krispy Kreme!!!!!!?

Don't you think they should open a krispy kreme franchise in the UK and have cafés all over the country- I love krispy kreme donuts! Or maybe Tim Hortons.

There are already Krispy Kreme franchises here. One opened in Portsmouth this week and there is one in Lakeside shopping centre Essex.

Why don't they sell Krispy Kreme in NJ anymore?

i haven't seen any. is it because there's 3 Dunkin Doughnuts in every town in the country? haha thanks.

That could well be it. I heard that Krispy Kreme is in financial trouble and may even close. I much prefer Krispy Kreme to Dunkin so I hope
this is not true. I don't get Krispy Kreme often as it's an hour away.

Are store bought Krispy Kreme donuts good?

There's no Krispy Kreme near where I live; we had one years ago but it was shut down because it didn't pass a cleanliness inspection or something like that. But today I randomly started to crave a Krispy Kreme donut. I know they sell some at WalMart. Are store bought ones any good? Do they still taste yummy when warmed up?

They still taste the same. Trust me they're okay. But they don't taste as fresh as the ones at Krispy Kreme. That means that the donut won't be as soft or warm as the ones at Krispy Kreme. I've had some at Walmart and they taste 7/10 when Krispy Kreme is a 10/10.
PS: if you warm the donut for 11 seconds (depends on your microwave) they taste as warm and soft as Krispy Kreme :)

When does Krispy Kreme make their donuts?

I want some hot donuts, but every time I go to Krispy Kreme the light is off because they're done making donuts. Do they make them all in a narrow 2-second window? I was there at 8 am yesterday and they were already done making them! @St N: You've never heard of Krispy Kreme??? o.O They're the BEST doughnut ever! You gotta try them sometime. http://krispykreme.com/home

OMG Iove Krispy Kreme! you can thank my state for them :P
I'd say around 5-6am :)

Okay...Krispy Kreme...or Dunkin Donuts?

Or what is your fav and why?

Krispy Kreme. They have the best tasting and freshest glazed donuts. People tend to be passionate about Krispy Kremes but generally not about Dunkin' Donuts. I've never seen a long line at Dunkin' Donuts. But when the Krispy Kreme opened in Anaheim, the line went around the block.

Quick story: When Krispy Kreme was still only located in the South, I once carried three boxes of fresh Krispy Kremes on a flight to San Francisco. I got offers of $20 or more for those three boxes. I instead took them to my dorm and shared them with my roommate and our neighbors. I was a very popular person for the rest of the semester, especially among those southerners who hadn't had Krispy Kremes in quite a while.

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