Where Was Duck Dynasty Filmed?

What is the difference between the TV shows; duck dynasty and duck commander?

There isn't much of a difference. It appears the the show Duck Commander that aired on the Outdoor channel was the same type of show as Duck Dynasty and obviously the inspiration for the now popular reality show Duck Dynasty. A&E likely saw this show and signed the family to make Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty began airing in 2012, Benelli Presents Duck Commander aired in 2009 and 2010.

Articles relating to Duck Dynasty?

I'm looking for articles related to duck dynasty. anything really works! anything like "rednecks that are rich" or like "poor family that has lots of money now?" anything along those lines, thanks!

Here's an article from the Huffington Post about Duck Dynasty.

Whats up with all this duck dynasty talk?

Can Someone please explain whats with all this duck dynasty this duck dynasty that? i see it and hear everywhere what exactly is going on?. what it is it? who are they? wtf is going on something about stores, and gays, and products, and interviews, and millionare dollar lol just explain everything cause i dont know what this duck dynasty talk is all about and i have no clue to what understand anything at all. so just start from the bottom and up thank you :)


duck dynasty popularity.?

why is duck dynasty so popular? i seen the show a few times at my mom's house. its not a bad show. but i dont understand how is it so loved by many. i go to walmart & duck dynasty everything for sale.

DUCKS YOU DIRTY F**K!! F**KING DUCKS, MIGHTY A$$ DUCKS!! THAT IS WHY DUCK DYNASTY IS POPULAR..... (actually doesn't know what "Duck Dynasty" is) QUACK, QUACK, QUACK!!!

Duck Dynasty tv show?

Is there a website where I can watch all the seasons of Duck Dynasty online?? For freeeeeee!


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