Where Was Deadwood Filmed?

What is the tv show Deadwood about and is it any good?

I would like to know a simple explanation of what the show Deadwood is about. And also if it is good or bad! thanks

Deadwood is the name of a town in South Dakota, and the show is about the location becoming an actual town and expanding during the 1870s. Tomothy Olyphant and Ian McShane play sheriffs in the town that often deal with bank robberies and cowboys of sorts.
Warning: the series has an insane amount of swearing and a cumulative average of 1.56 utterances of "fuck" per minute of footage.

I watched every episode of Deadwood, and as a film student, I will tell you that Deadwood was one of the greatest series I have seen produced in the las decade. It was universally praised, with some critics even calling it one of the greatest modern series of all time. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the viewer ratings.

Go here and get started, you will love it:

Why did Showtime's Brotherhood and HBO's Deadwood end/cancelled?

I really don't know why Brotherhood was cancelled check out this site though they explain more. http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/brotherhood-canceled-no-season-four/

The reason for Deadwood’s ending seems to be a financial one. Milch is working on a new series for HBO (John from Cincinnati) and, due to that commitment, HBO didn’t believe that he would be able to return to Deadwood for quite awhile, delaying the possible start of a Deadwood season four. Deadwood is an expensive show to shoot and it’s assumed that the cable channel didn’t want to (or couldn’t afford to) pay the actor salaries for months while they waited for production to begin.

Does anyone know when Deadwood's new season starts on HBO?

Fourth Season of 'Deadwood' in Range at HBO

The third season of "Deadwood" won't hit HBO for another five months or so, but the network, liking what it's seen so far, wants to continue the Western saga.
HBO is nearing an agreement with "Deadwood" creator David Milch for a fourth season of the show, which focuses on the lawless Deadwood mining camp in what's now South Dakota. Season three, consisting of 12 episodes, is scheduled to premiere in June.

The pay-cable network hasn't made an official announcement about extending the show, but the showbiz trade papers report that HBO has been encouraged with what it's seen of the third season (about two-thirds of the episodes are finished). The channel has a history of quick pickups, having greenlit a second year of "Six Feet Under" before the first even premiered and picking up "Deadwood" for season two after just two episodes.

"Deadwood" was originally set to debut in March of this year, in tandem with the sixth season of HBO's flagship series, "The Sopranos." The network decided, however, to give the post-"Sopranos" spot to new series "Big Love," a dramedy stars Bill Paxton as a polygamist, pushing "Deadwood" back to June.

The show, which has won seven Emmy awards in its two seasons, is up for two Golden Globes later this month, for outstanding drama series and lead actor Ian McShane.

Was HBO right to end Deadwood?

1 episode left in this season. Next year there will be two 2 hour finales. Do you think the character of George Hearst is the root of the show's dreaded early end? :( A friend of mine watches Prison Break too. I gotta get into that show. Thanks for the answer...looks like there aren't too many Deadwood fans on this site...

No; HBO is disappointing a lot of Deadwood fans. It is a very entertaining show, aside from anyone's objections - the language, violence and nudity are just part of the package and an integral part of its charm. I'm certainly going to miss it when it is gone.

where was twilight filmed?

where was twilight filmed i really want to know?

Where was Twilight filmed?
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It was filmed in Oregon, and Forks, Washington.

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