Where Was Amish Mafia Filmed?

Reality tv shows are the people compensated?

Shipping wars, Gold Rush, Amish Mafia etc. Are those people being filmed compensated? If so, about how much $ ? Are they also members of the screen actors guild?

They are all members of SAG, so they are compensated based on SAG wage structure. In the case of Amish Mafia, they are actors anyway, so they are paid accordingly.

Amish Mafia real or fake?

just wanna no cause some of the words they talk seem so fake and the way they act as ive seen Amish on Oprah Winfrey special and on Tim Allens For Richer or Poorer film they dont act the way they do so im asking is it real or fake Oprahs in 2004 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jis5_kmthYo

I'd say it's fake

How do you know reality TV isn't real, after all?

Okay, I have a guilty pleasure: "The Amish Mafia," which depicts a secret society among the Amish. Unless the film production are all as brave as Hunter S. Thompson, or Ken Burns, the show has to be re-enactment with actors who are willing to act a bit weird. No way, I feel can the show be really happening. Thank you kindly for any answers! :) I feel it's okay in this section. Correct me if I have blundered... :) How do I know what is real? I just go with what seems real. LOL. I could be dead ... on one plain of existence... The actors on the show are entertaining and bring the Amish Mafia to life. They are alive and real to me, I suppose! lol:) Listen, I do respect the reality of the entity the show depicts. Believe me, there will always be this element to Society. No disrespect...

There isn't much about television that is reality. I don't watch reality shows and I don't watch television.
From what I understand... the reality shows are more like glorified soap operas... just my opinion.
When I want reality, the television is the last place I'd look.

You learn more of reality by talking to people who are real and not in a staged setting.

Facts about Polygamist & the Amish and how they are different?

I want to write about what It's like to live in an Amish community and a polygamist community. Any facts on what they both go through everyday. Like what's the norm for them? And also what's the difference besides the fact that the Amish aren't polygamists. Thanks (:

The Amish are one of the oldest sects of Protestantism, while the LDS/Polygamists are from about the 1830's. The Amish are Luddites (believer's in not working with machines) and the LDS are not, they can use all machines in their belief system. The Amish speak German (or a variation of) in their religious services while the LDS speak whatever language is used by themselves at home in their Temples. LDS have their own Bible (The Book of Mormon) while the Amish use old German bibles.

Not much in common there.

Is the TLC show "Breaking Amish" fake?

Is the cast really amish/mennonite or are they just good actors?

It's come out that most of the cast was raised in Amish homes but they've been out of the Amish communities for a very long time. So the things they show them doing and seeing as first time things are completely fake.

If you google "Breaking Amish fake" you will find tons of articles about it.

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