When Will Jason Return To General Hospital?

Did they say whether they are going to kill Jason Morgan or have him leave General Hospital ?

I hope its the ladder. I made a mistake I hope its the FIRST option.

It hasn't been explained yet how Jason will leave or if there will be a recast. I can't picture anyone else playing Jason except Steve Burton. If there is not going to be a recast hopefully the show will fix it so Jason can come back at some point.

in general hospital why did AJ assalt his mother ? (i think that was the year that he died for real)?


the year that AJ died for real was 2005, just after Emily was raped by the Nikolas lookalike Connor. AJ asked Alan to get him some money so he could flee town with Michael who AJ had kidnapped with Faith Rosco's help and faked Michael's death. Alan agreed but when Monica walked in and saw AJ alive she was happy until she learned he had kidnapped Michael, and framed Courtney for his murder. So anyway, AJ locked his mother in the family freezer so she wouldn't tell anyone Michael was alive with him, and Emily came down and saw her mother in the freezer, she let her go and Monica left to track down Michael (i believe to return him to Carly and Sonny). Anyways, AJ yelled at her that she and Jason were the golden children and Emily never care about him, Emily said because Jason was warm and caring but AJ turned to dark and dragged everyone down with him. AJ was about to slap Emily when Alan came in and yelled at AJ to stop and that's when AJ pulled out the gun and said he had to get out or he'd go crazy, Alan said this was enough he was gonna tell the truth to put an end to it. AJ's gun went off and he accidentally shot Alan, he took off and squared off with Jason on the Quartermaine staircase and they fell off and AJ broke his back, the cops took him and Alan to the hospital. Jason was ok. But later on AJ was smothered by a pillow and the suspect list were: Carly, Sonny, Jason, Courtney, Michael and some other people. It was presumed it was Michael but then later revealed to be Michael's psychiatrist Asher Thomas who treated Jason for his brain injury when AJ drove drunk and caused Jason's personality switch from good Quartermaine boy to Jason Morgan.

What happened on Friday 5/09/08 on GH?

The Philadelphia abc station showed a slain police officers' funeral all day. And I missed it.

On May 5,2008 (05/09/08 )

This is what happened on General Hospital:

Jason knows things will never be the same between him and Sonny in the wake of Michael's shooting. Jason speculates with Spinelli about why Kate paid Ian a million dollars. Kate worries that Sonny will find out what she did (pay Ian, Michael's shooter, to leave town). Sonny overhears Jason confronting Kate about paying Ian and jumps to her defense.

Carly and Jax visit the permanent care facility for Michael. It's extremely difficult for Carly and she has an emotional breakdown.

Anthony uses scare tactics to get Lulu to do his bidding: Either she gets back with Johnny, or Anthony will send her father to jail.

Jerry tells Claudia that unless she always does exactly what he asks, he'll reveal to Jason she was behind Ian's accidental shooting of Michael.

Despite Sonny's warnings, Diane and Max cannot resist each other.
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Here is the script from that day in case you wanna see it:


P.S. If you have SoapNet, they play old GH episodes from the previous week

(They have titles too, such as: General Hospital Friday, General Hospital Tuesday; so you won't have to go guessing)

GH:Night Shift?

I have 2 questions: 1. Once niteshift starts, will there be a website to read recaps if you don't get SoapNet? 2. Are the Nite shift stories going to be on GH in the daytime?

General Hospital: Night Shift goes after hourswith storyline extension about the lives and loves of General Hospitals favorite characters during the night shift at the hospital. This is the first time a soap has extended its current storyline beyond what is seen in daytime.
The show's storylines are funnier and edgier than General Hospital's, and occur during the night shift at the hospital. However, the two shows storylines do not intersect; on Night Shift they wrap up by the end of each episode.

Frayed Anatomies Episode Number: 1 Season Num: 1 First Aired: Thursday July 12, 2007
Robin and Patrick are assigned the night shift at General Hospital because they went against the hospital's policy and treated an underprivileged patient. There, they must deal with Jason and Spinelli who have been involved in an accidental shooting. Patrick is later admitted as a patient due to an explosion. Robin meets a pregnant patient. Coop and Maxie find themselves in compromising situation.
This site has all this info and will have all the episodes listed daily as they do GH. http://www.tv.com/general-hospital-night-shift/show/71825/summary.html

GH: Why did Lucky and Sam break up?

Who broke up with who? When did they break up? Does this mean Jason and Sam have a chance?

Sam broke up with Lucky; Sam just beat Lucky to the punch because Sam saw Lucky by Liz's bedside during the biotoxin outbreak and overheard them talking to each other and Sam realized that Lucky truly is in love with Liz and then to top it all off; Lucky left with Liz and didn't even look back or think twice as to the whereabouts or welfare of Sam who was still fighting for her life to survive Trevor's attack and then the raging fire in the hospital. It turned out that Jason was the one left to save Sam which he did. Jason also saw Liz and Lucky talking in the hospital and he too realized that Lucky and Liz are in love with each other.
Jason and Sam hopefully will reunite as a couple in the future but I doubt it will happen anytime too soon since Jason is not one to forget a betrayal so great as that of Sam standing by and watching Jason's kid being stolen.

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