When Will Gun Gale Online Be Animated?

will there be romance in gun gale online?

will there be romance in gun gale online i no there going to have a new main char and that its airing this summer but will the be romance between the main chars

you heard wrong.

1) Gun Gale Online, which would be the second season of Sword Art Online has not been confirmed. and as such, has not been announced, and would not come out as early as this summer. I'd say wait at least 1-2 years before we see another season

2) If you had read the Novels, you would know that Gun Gale Online would not have a new main character, as the Novel still focused around Kirito

whoever told you it was coming out this summer, and that it had a new main character was either lying, or making stuff up to try and sound cool.

So, there is no Gun Gale Online coming out anytime soon, and if we do get one it will feature Kirito, not a new protagonist

I hope this cleared things up for you

When will Gun Gale Online air?

When will the anime Gun Gale Online start airing?

Two things here.

1) They has NOT BEEN ANY CONFIRMATION that GGO or any of the arcs of Sword Art online after ALO will be animated.

2) Assuming it was made, it wouldnt be called GGO. It would be SAO S2, since SAO is the franchise name (they didnt change the anime name for ALO).

when is gun gale online coming out?

There is no news about Gun gale online or Sword Art online season 2 at the moment.

Sword art ONline seasons?

i heard rumors regarding gun gale online not sure whether thts the spelling..but if its true when its is gonna be air? next year ? thrs SAO ALO following by gun gale and underworld thats what i heard but it the prob is is thr gonna be a season 2 and when is it gonna air? anyone?

Sword art online anime will ends this month when ALO(current arc) ends and NO season 2 have been announced yet.

Gun gale online and inderworld are the next arcs for the story(SAO was adapted from novel) but they aren't animated yet.

So basically, the talk about GGO and underworld is IF THERE WERE a next season(which is most likely), GGO arc will comes follow by underworld blah~blah~. You can say that it is synopsis for next season.

But NO NEW ABOUT SEASON 2 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED yet. So just wait patiently and pray for season 2 in next year

Will Gun Gale Online be released as an anime?

"Sword Art online 2, 2014, Activated! "
Yes!! They announced that yesterday!
Actually, it's is not call "Gun Gale Online" but "Sword art online 2"
There's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Ghr_rbJmQ

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