When Will Guild Wars 2 Go On Sale?

Do I need to have guild wars already to play GW2?

I want to play Guild wars 2 but I've never played guild wars before... Do I need to get Guild Wars first?

Guild Wars 2 is NOT an expansion to Guild Wars 1.
It is a completely separate game, with new mechanics, new story and new interface.
Guild Wars 1 has three chapters (Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall) and one Expansion (Eye of the North).
Guild Wars 2 was originally planned as another expansion (called Utopia) but is now its own separate game.

Hope this answers your question fully.

Guild Wars 1 or Guild Wars 2?

If ive never played guild wars should i begin with the 2nd one or begin with the first one?

Lore-wise, of course GW1 comes first. That being said, you can get most of the lore from websites, such as the wiki (wiki.guildwars.com), so that's not that big a deal.
Guild Wars 1 gameplay is nothing like that of Guild Wars 2. The two games are entirely different products, so playing one won't exactly "help" you play the other. As such, the question of whether to play one or two comes down to which game style you like more. Remember that Guild Wars 1 is a 7-year-old game, so its player base is vastly diminished, There are not any real content updates any more, and it's pretty much a dead game as far as being multiplayer. Guild Wars 2 is much newer, and therefore still has a lot of people playing it.

When Guild wars 2 comes out will i have to start over?

I was just wondering when Guild wars 2 comes out will i have to start new characters. Also my friend wants to play guild wars, dose he need the first one to play the second?

Yes, you would have to start over.
If you have the expansion Eye of the North. Guild Wars 2 will supposedly show you (the current character on Guild Wars) as the ancestor of your Guild Wars 2 character.
So if you had the title: Legendary Survivor, then your Guild Wars 2 character could have the title:
Ancestor of The (a) Legendary Survivor.
It has something to do with The Hall of Monuments in Eye of the North!
Though that is if Area Net stays to their word.
Anyway, Guild Wars 2 is a whole new game!

Hope I Helped =]

Does it cost to make a guild in guild wars 2?

I was just wondering if it was like WoW, if you had to pay extra money to make a guild, and also is there some kind of trading system in guild wars 2?

The starting fee for a guild in GW2 is minimal - I believe it was about 10 silver, but I can't recall exactly. You do not have to pay ArenaNet to start a guild, it is all handled with in game funds.

Yes, there is a Trading Post in Guild Wars 2. It's actually one of the best systems I have seen. You can post items for sale from anywhere in the world. No more tossing items out on the ground due to lack of inventory spaced...woo hoo!!! Purchasing can also be done from anywhere you are in the world. You do have to actually visit a trading post merchant to pick up purchased items and receipts from your sales, however. And there is more.

When you post your items up for sale, you can post them at the price level the highest buyer (people can put in orders for what they want and what they will pay) or lowest seller, or you can set your own price. Also, if you have already posted, you can add more of the same item to your last posting at the lowest price. It truly is one of the best auctioning systems I have seen and is so common sense, it should have been done long ago.

Can Guild Wars 2 be downloaded?

So I want to get GW2. Should I just get the standard edition and get the hard copy of the discs or should I get the heroic edition for the same price? The only difference is the heroic edition is download only. So if I get that, then will it only download onto this computer? Or can it be downloaded and played for free on any computer as long as you already have an account and the access code? If so, where can I find that? Does that make sense? Cuz I was all over their website, but I can't find an option to just download it like they had for the first Guild Wars. Thanks, I appreciate the help!

You can download Guild Wars 2 onto any computer you want. It is the account that limits how many computers you can play on *at the same time*.

The Guild Wars 2 download links are on the account page. Basically unlike Guild Wars, to see the download link for Guild Wars 2 you already need an account.

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