When Will Glee Season 4 Be On Netflix?

What Glee season is currently playing right now?

I just started really watching Glee this season, and I thought it was season two. Then I saw on Netflix season three just came out, and am so confused. What are the order of the seasons, and what season finale was the episode where Glee did the Journey medley? Thanks!

Glee is currently in season 2. the show is scheduled to return February 6, right after the Superbowl.

The finale you speak of was for Season 1, which was also split into two halves just like the current one.

what you saw on netflix was probably a third volume, or something similar, not a third season.

season 3 of glee and pretty little liars on netflix?

i missed season 3 of pretty little liars and from what ive heard i missed a ton and i cant find anything about when its gonna go on netflix also i really want to see the season 3 of glee on netflix.does anybody know when they are going to be on netflix?

Glee I'm not sure, but Pretty Little Liars season 3 won't be on Netflix until season 4 starts, which is in June.

When does Season 3 of Glee come out on Netflix?

So I recently heard of this show being really awesome and super cool so I decided to watch it and I am now hooked. I watched both Season 1 & Season 2 on Netflix but when will Netflix release Season 3. Because I know Season 4 just started recently and idk if Netflix has to wait for a while first. But does anyone know when S3 be on Netflix. Thanks.

October 3rd

Please tell me where can I watch Glee Season 4?

I really want to watch Glee season 4 really bad and my mom cancelled the cable and I can't watch any of my TV shows now. She said we have to pay to much bills so that's why she cancelled it so I tried to find it on Netflix and they only have season 1-3 only and I really want to catch up on Glee. So please tell me where can I watch Glee season 4 for free. Thank You!

Scroll down to Season 4, pick whichever episode youre on, click "view all (#) links" Find one thats closest to 100% stars, a few ads will pop up but just keep closing them out, the newer the episode the longer it takes to buffer so just be prepared! haha im on season 3 sooo xD

What website can I watch Glee season 4?

I watched like all the seasons of Glee except for season 4 and I'm a bit frustrated that I just keep missing all the episodes on Fox 13 and I don't know any more websites to watch Glee season 4 on. Any suggestions? I can't do Netflix because obviously they don't have season 4...

You can always watch season 4 of glee here


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