When Will Girl Meets World Come Out?

when is girl meets world airing on tv?

girl meets world is a sequel from boy meets world and i heard its recently airing on tv , i tried searching it up but i couldnt find it, does anyone know when its coming on tv? thanks :)

Most likely, it will air in the fall of 2013 or the spring of 2014.

You could follow this blog, it will definitely say when there's an air date: http://girlmeetsworldfanblog.tumblr.com/

Opinions on the upcoming "Girl meets world" on disney channel?

I LOVED boy meets world when I was little, in fact I still love it although it barley is on anymore. It was announced that Disney will be producing girl meets world also starring topanga and corey as parents and having it revolve around their daughter and her friend who is much like shawn. ANYWAYS. I really think this is a good move for disney and that it has a lot of potential. Now a days disney has just gone down hill show after show to where it's just getting stupid, HOWEVER, I am getting quite fond of their new show "Austin and Aly" but other than that I cant say theres a show I like, and theyve seen to be making a lot of animated shows now a days. ANYWAYS opinions ont he upcoming girl meets world?

Girl Meets World is most likely going to save Disney Channel. However, I'm not liking the fact that its going to be a girl. What I loved about Boy Meets World was that it revolved around Corey, not a lot of shows really center around boys. Disney Channel loves to portray girls as the new disney princess who eventually turn into singers. I loved the fact that Boy Meets World wasn't girly because it was evenly divided. I think it's still an awesome move for the younger generation, however for the people who grew up w/ Boy Meets World when it was on ABC may be disappointed ;X. None of the shows on Disney Channel have been able to get up there, not since Hannah Montana. Hopefully I am wrong about this. Other than that, i'm hoping for the best for this show! I really want it to do good! Corey and Tapanga are serious my favorite on screen couple of all time! :)

On the upcoming show Girl meets world do you think William Daniels will come back to play Mr. Feeny?

They recently killed off his character on Grey's anatomy Dr. Thomas....... Some speculate this is a sign he is going to be a part of the show Girl meets world...... but he is 85 years old..........he's getting to be darn right elderly. he was already 70 when boy meets world ended. I think they'll bring him back. acting's not a hard job even for an old guy. the show just wouldn't be the same without him.

He might just be back for a guest spot. I think they are mostly gonna focus on Cory and Topanga's Daughter

When does Girl Meets World premiere?

I can't seem to find whether or not they have released the premiere date for Girl Meets World yet, so I was just wondering if anyone happened to know???

The pilot of the show was filmed in March, 2013. Disney Channel has yet to pick up the sitcom.

What do you think of the new "Girl Meets World" (Boy Meets World spinoff) coming out?

I have it from several sources they were going to do "Man Meets World" but it got cancelled for some reason Now after..10 years we have Topanga's story after years

Its actually about Corey and Topanga's daughter. It could be interesting. It'll probably be the show for a younger generation with clever nods to fans of the original

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