When Will Freedom Tower Be Complete?

Why werent the Twin towers rebuilt instead of the Freedom tower?

after the complete destruction of the WTC Towers, now in 2012, they are building also another tower called The Freedom tower ( of simply WTC 1)...But why werent the Twin towers rebuilts instead of the WTC 1?

1. Because we know now precisely how that type of construction can fail.

2. Because the towers as constructed in the 1960s would no longer be code compliant.

3. Because knowing what we know now about what happens to people trapped in burning towers, buildings will henceforth be designed with different life-safety features than those built into the construction of the towers.

By the way, they dropped the "Freedom Tower" name almost five years ago. It is One World Trade Center, same as the old one.

Who would be crazy enough to work in the Freedom Tower?

If The Freedom Tower is completed successfully it will be two things: the symbol of American resilience and the new obsession of Al-Quida. Terrorists wont eat or sleep until they bring that thing down. I would never work there, for any pay. Do they really expect people to work there when another hijacking is possible and the target is so appealing?

I would; to hell with the terrorists.

which is the tallest tower in the world?

The tallest building or tower that is complete is the CN Tower in Toronto. But the tallest building that is not complete, but will be the tallest when done is the Burj Dubai which will be 2,684 ft. tall.

what is the tallest building in the world?

taller than other buildings

Tallest Building in the World

Top 20
Height (m)Height (ft)Floors
1 Taipei 101 (Taipei 101 508Height (m) 1667Height (ft) 101Floors)
2 Shanghai World Financial Center
3 Petronas Tower 2
4 Petronas Tower 1
5 Sears Tower
6 Jin Mao Building
7 Two International Finance Center
8 Citic Plaza
9 Shun Hing Square
10 Empire State Building
11 Central Plaza
12 Bank of China Tower
13 Emirates Tower One
14 The Center
15 T & C Tower
16 Aon Centre
17 John Hancock Center
18 Burj al Arab Hotel
19 Chrysler Building
20 Bank of America Plaza

Top 20 Under Construction

1 Mile High Tower (working name) 1600Height (m) 5250Height (ft)Floors ( ? )
2 Murjan Tower 1
3 Burj Mubarak al-Kabir Mubarak Tower
4 Nakheel Tower
5 Burj Dubai
6 Russia Tower
7 Incheon Tower
8 Chicago Spire
9 Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel
10 China 117 Tower
11 Millennium Tower World Business Center
12 Lotte Super Tower
13 Doha Convention Center Tower
14 Freedom Tower - One World Trade Center
15 Pentominium
16 Burj Al Alam
17 Busan Lotte Tower
18 Abraj Al Bait Towers
19 International Commerce Centre - Union Square
20 DAMAC Heights
21 Nanjing Greenland Financial Complex
22 Kingkey Finance Tower
23 Guangzhou Twin Towers West Tower
24 Al Hamra tower
25 Ryugyong Hotel
26 Shard London Bridge

That all I can help you.

When was the CN tower in Toronto build and when was it finished ?

When was the CN tower in Toronto build and when was it finished ?

Construction began on February 6, 1973 and the tower first opened to the public on June 26, 1976. In all, the construction took about 40 months to complete.

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