When Will Flashpoint Season 5 Be On Netflix?

How many seasons are there of Flashpoint?

My hub and I watched all the ones up to the end of season 4 on netflix. Is there a season 5? When did it start, if there is... are there currently new episodes still coming out?

Season 5 was the last season of Flashpoint, the final episode was aired in Canada on December 13. (Canada being the country of origin, it may take later to get to other parts of the world)

When will season 5 vampire diaries air on netflix?

So I see they have put season 4 on netflix and season 5 is on itv 2 at the moment so I would like to know when it will air on netflix please help love it and want to watch it ??

Season 5 is currently airing on TV. Netflix didn't start streaming season 4 until the same day season 5 started, so we're looking at Sept/Oct of 2014 before it hits Netflix. The American version anyway. It's one of the most streamed shows here, so it will be back up in the fall.

When does Season 3 of Glee come out on Netflix?

So I recently heard of this show being really awesome and super cool so I decided to watch it and I am now hooked. I watched both Season 1 & Season 2 on Netflix but when will Netflix release Season 3. Because I know Season 4 just started recently and idk if Netflix has to wait for a while first. But does anyone know when S3 be on Netflix. Thanks.

October 3rd

revolution on Netflix?

When will revolution season 2 be on Netflix? I'm so in love with the show. Its amazing..Sadly it ends in season 1..:(..On Netflix..Will S2 be on Netflix also?

Netflix generally isn't allowed to stream anything until at least 30 days after it's been released on DVD. The DVD release date hasn't been announced, but will likely be around August. Netflix should have it in the fall.

When is season 3 of teen wolf coming out on netflix?

I've been waiting and they just started season 4 on TV so I was wondering when season three will be on netflix

They probably won't be putting season 3 on Netflix for a while cause season 3 just started a couple days ago...not season 4.

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