When Will Eko Atlantic Be Completed?

ARRGGGHHH!!!! I fell asleep during Lost last night!! Can anyone fill me in??

I remember up till Locke ran into Echo at the stream, right after the black smoke thing tried to sneak up on Echo. Aww! I liked Echo!!!

Mr. Eko (real spelling of his name, by the way, lol), Locke, and the others got to the plane where Eko's brother is. The others went into the hatch where all those televisions are while Eko stayed outside. Eko couldn't find his brother's body and suddenly, his brother (alive) appeared in front of him. Eko chased after his brother and got him in an open field. Meanwhile in the hatch, Locke and the others patch into another hatch and see a man with an eye patch. The man turns off the camera and Locke says, "I guess he'll be expecting us."

Eko's brother wants him to confess to him being a bad man, but Eko says that since he killed a man to save his brother's life, he doesn't regret it. The brother says, "You talk to me like I'm your brother." and then leaves leaving Eko screaming, "Who are you?"

Eko chases after the man that looks like his brother only to come in contact with the black smoke. The black smoke grabs Eko and hits him against trees and slams him onto the ground. Locke and the others hear this and go after Eko. They are too late to save Eko and he dies, but not before saying that Locke and the others are next.

With Jack, Juliette puts on "To Kill A Mockingbird" the movie and turns the volume down as she begins to talk like "You should try to save Ben, etc.". What the movie really is is Juliette with cue cards saying that people don't like Ben (Henry Gale) and says that if Jack were to do the surgery and 'mess up', no one would blame him, that she would protect him. Juliette turns off the movie and tells Jack to think about what she said.

Why did the black smoke kill Mr Eko if it only killed people who were afraid of it?

In real life the actor wanted off the show.

In the show, the Smoke Monster killed people who were of no use to it. Locke and Eko were both men of faith on the island and Locke believed in the island so much he was willing to die for it. And we know the Smoke Monster posed as him to complete the plan to leave the island.

Eko would not ask for forgiveness in front of "his brother" and stood by the choices he made, he was not blindly following what he thought the the powers of the island told him to do. The Smoke Monster may have considered using Eko in it's final plan but had no use for him when it saw Eko still made his own choices, so The Smoke Monster killed him.

What is Mr. Eko building?

He was marking trees with a big X because they were the ones he 'liked' before Charlie set the jungle on fire. Now we see more trees with the X, and Eko chopping them down. Any ideas about what he could be building? My friend thinks it might be a church, but I don’t know... maybe a raft?

is it possible that he might be building a raft? i know they did that already with Michael, but Eko doesn't know that...

or what if he is building a wall to protect the group from danger?

i dunno...a church seems like the most logical answer considering his backstory, but why do i feel like there is something else missing here?

great question!!!

Will all the people who died in Lost return in some way in season 6?

I think that would be really cool to people like Shannon and Mr. Eko, Ana Lucia and Boone come back in some way. So would the producers do something like that?

Mr Eko was the best but just like in the movies the black character ALWAYS dies first

does locke, eko and desmond die?????

i havent watched any of the new season episodes yet but im just curious...

nope, kinda, nope. locke is okay ,eko is borderline and desmond is naked, psychic,and a-okay. i hope that i didnt spoil anything. you must watch. i need to buy the dvd so i can become completely obsessed!

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