When Will Economy Turn Around?

Ok so does anyone know if and when the economy is going to turn around?

I've heard that the economy always turns around, what does this mean? My husband and I were thinking of buying a house, is this a good time? Or should we wait till the economy is good again?

well the housing market is doing bad b/c so many place have jacked up the price so high that ppl can't buy em and there are so many forclosures.
i think once we get some kind of stability on gas prices the economy should turn around. if your looking for houses in such then google in resession in america, there should be at least one site that will show you a map of america and how it is doing economicaly.
i can tell you big places li LA , CA, AZ, Fl are doing horrible right now in the housing market.

How does Bill Gates help out the United States economy?

I am doing a research project for my economics class and I have to write about how Bill Gates helps out the U.S. economy.

He actually gives money out to various places which in turn will eventually be put back into the economy. That money he disperses will reenter the economy through banks in some way and evetually effect the money supply and demand which keeps the economy running smoothly. Sorry that's all i can really think of right now.

Why does the economy always have to grow?

Because if the economy does not grow while the populaion does, the size of the economy shrinks in relation to the size of the poplation.

Think of it this way: if you have a cake, would you get a bigger piece if you divided it for 5 people or 8 people? If you want each person to get one fifth of a cake, you obviously need more cake if you had 8 people.

Also, an economy that is not growing stagnates. This, in turn, causes a whole host of other problems. Google "Japan's lost decade."

IF the economy turns around within the next four years,will it be because of the Bush/ Obama stimulus packages?

Or, is it just part of the economic cycle where things go up, and then go down? Because if the economy turns around in the next couple of years, Obama and his people will take credit that is it their plan that helped. Those that oppose Obama will say that the economy turned around DESPITE his policy. Is this predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow?? Thanks!

LOL no the economy will turn because that is what it does. it moves high the low then high again. it history people. it take at least 3 to 4 years before a presidents policy's effect the economy. this is 101 stuff people. raising taxes kills the economy lowering taxes helps the economy. bush SR and clinton raised taxes bush Jr didn't lower enough to help. so the economy fell. it checked itself once it hits bottom it will turn and build again. it should take about 12 to 18 months.
I will add this to the mix spending over a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy is one of the worse thing you could do. you have to raise taxes to pay it back DUH. with liberal bush spending 350 billion and liberal obama spending 850 billion. that's one heck of a debt on top of the 10 trillion we already owe. pay back is a what?

Has the economy improved since Obama has come into office?

I know that the economic state of our country is still not as great as it once was, and people continue to lose their jobs, homes, etc. But hasn't the economy technically improved (overall) since late 2008? In other words, the current state of our economy is better (if even just slightly) then it was right before Obama came into office, correct? I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards yes, it has improved, if not as drastically as some were hoping or expecting. ???

Compared to the fact that the financial market was about to implode, nobody was lending money to anybody, the american auto industry was going bankrupt, and the economy was in a tailspin before Obama took office, yes it has improved quite a bit. The only problem is that Bush had 8 years to do a number on the economy and Obama has had less than 3 to turn it around so far.z

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