When Will Dwyane Wade Retire?

Lebron James or Dwyane Wade???????

Dwyane Wade all the way. Dwyane Wade is so consistent, and has improved so much over the year. LeBron is a great player, as well, but he lacks talent in some areas of basketball, unlike Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade is a leader for his team, and overcomes their deficit when they're behind. LeBron does the same for his team too. LeBron and Dwyane Wade are about at the same level. I just prefer Dwyane Wade more after watching the NBA Finals last year.

Dwyane Wade vs. Lebron James?

whos better??

Dwyane Wade

He has better D (lebron was ahead of him in DPOY only cuz lebron has so much exposure)
Wade has a better explosion to the basket as mostly everything u see from lebron is a wide open dunk
Wade is a better shooter

Lebron is a great player but inches behind Dwade
If Dwyane Wade hadnt gotten injured, Dwyane would prolly hav 2 championships

Ratings 1 out of 10
Dwyane Wade - 9.6
Lebron James - 9.4

(Michael Jordan being 10)

PS. Dwyane Wade is much more competitive - you can see it in his face in big games)

If I were to hand the ball to 1 player with 11 secs left and I were down by 1

1. Bryant
2. Wade
3. Pierce
4. James

dwade = favorite player =)

is miami heat guard dwayne wade married?

if so do you have details such as how long or to whom and is it his child's mother

Dwyane Wade and his wife, Siohvaughn, have a son Zaire. Dwyane and Siohvaughn have been together since they were nine years old! I happen to think Dwyane and his wife make a cute couple...i'm happy for them!!She's one lucky woman!!


Would u rather have Dwyane Wade or Rondo on ur team?

my answer is obvious

Dwyane Wade easily. Even if you need a PG, I would still pick Wade. Wade can easily play the PG position. Hes great at, passing, facilitating, and has great court vision. Wade is much more athletic than Rondo. Plus Wade is the much better scorer. A healthy Wade can average 30 PPG. That is almost triple what Rondo does. Rondo is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, but trust me, Wade is the better overall defender. Wade is also known to be the best shot blocking guard of all-time, especially for him being 6'3" (He is listed 6'4" though). We have already seen that Wade can lead a team to the Finals and win a ring. I'm interested in seeing how well Rondo plays without 3 HOF players. I am not trying to take away from Rondo at all. I have him as the second best PG.

Do you hate Dwyane Wade?

I'm a huge heat fan (chill i live in miami, watched them my entire life). I was wondering if you NBA fans of other teams hate Dwyane Wade like you (most likely) hate Lebron James. So do you hate Dwyane? I can see why you wouldn't like Lebron, but if he was on your team would you like him? wade and lebron r my favorites. bosh is great also. I have a "this is my house shirt" with dwyane on it. it's sooo awesome. And to Mavericks Fans, quit cryin it was 06, you guys are great now

D-Wade AKA Flash is F'ing awesome

Heat FAN

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