When Will Csi Return In 2013?

Was there a CSI crossover episode?

with characters from the original CSI and CSI: New York? What was the episode called? Do you know where I can watch it online?

CSI never did a crossover with CSI New York.
CSI did do a crossover with CSI Miami with the episode 'Cross-Jurisdictions' which was episode 22 of the second season of CSI and the pilot episode of CSI Miami.
CSI Miami as done 2 crossovers with CSI NY. The first being 'MIA/NYC-Nonstop' which was the 23 episode of season 2 of CSI Miami and the pilot episode of CSI NY.
The second one was a two parter storyline that started on CSI Miami with the episode "Felony Fight' which was the episode 7 of season 4 of CSI Miami. The two part story finished on 'Manhattan Manhunt' which was episode 7 of the second season of CSI NY.

As to watching them online you could try http://www.surfthechannel.com
they should have it

Have the original CSI and CSI NY ever done a crossover?

Moonrat19 is correct.

CSI: Miami spun off of CSI, and CSI: NY spun off of CSI: Miami.

There has been a crossover between Miami and NY since then, but CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has not crossed over with NY.

In fact, I read somewhere, probably TV Guide, a few years ago, that William Petersen dislikes the idea of the spin-offs. That's probably the reason why Grissom stayed in Las Vegas while Catherine went to Miami, and then he would not discuss the case after she got back.

CSI. (The tv program)....?

which was the one where CSI. (the one with nick stoks and katherine willows) joined up with CSI:NY and was there one were all 3 CSI's (CSI:NY, CSI:MIAMI, and CSI ) all joined up if so WHICH ONE WAS IT i fink i missed it. was it goooood

It was CSI: Trilogy.

"The episodes were the CSI: Miami episode "Bone Voyage" broadcast on November 9, the CSI: NY episode "Hammer Down" broadcast on November 11 and the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "The Lost Girls" broadcast on November 12."

Part 1: CSI: Miami – 8.7 – "Bone Voyage"
Part 2: CSI: NY – 6.7 – "Hammer Down"
Part 3: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 10.7 – "The Lost Girls"


Hope this helps!

when will the new season of CSI be airing?

On CBS they will be keeping new Csi episodes on but when? For 2007

CSI premieres on Sept 27.

CSI: Miami is on Sept 24.

CSI: New York is Sept 26.

When does CSI Miami Season 9 start in the UK?

When Does CSI Miami , CSI NY and CSI start again in the UK as all three programmes have finished their previous season.

CSI:Miami is due to start sometime in June.
The best thing would be to check the TV guide/advertisements on channel 5 for the date.

CSI:NY and CSI would probably be starting later on in the year as they have only just finished and it takes about 6-8 before the next season is shown.

Hope I've helped.

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