When Will Cs7 Come Out?

adobe photoshop CS7 free download?

is there ANY possible way to download adobe photoshop CS7 or CS3 FREE with out pay?? im just wondering...i wish i had it cause all the tutorials i watch are on CS3 or CS7 and some of the things used are not in photoshop 6.0 which is what i have. :) again i was just wondering thnx!

To crack CS7, you will need a time machine. The next release is CS4, still isn't out yet though.

And for what it's worth, yeah, you can get it. As one of those folks who paid for it, I'll leave it up to someone else to tell you how. It isn't exactly what you may call "legal" or "safe".

The only advice I can give you is to avoid torrent downloads. That is a surefire way to end up with a virus. Since Photoshop is regularly stolen through torrents, it's a popular avenue for virus makers.

If you do anything, make sure it involves downloading the legit version from Adobe.com.

which one is released first?adobe photoshop cs6 or cs7?

and plz tell the date of release?

CS6 was launched on a release event April 23, 2012.

As there is no CS7 CS6 was definitely the first.

How long do you think it will be until adobe relaease Creative Suite 7?

I know Adobe CS6 is all exciting and new. I am contemlating getting it however i dont want to get it and then to be ripped off as Adoe cs7 comes a few months later. So what are your thoughts on this. Thanks.

Don't worry, it won't be shipping anytime soon. It looks like

CS6.5 would be released in mid-2013


CS7 will be coming out in mid-2014

Whats the difference between Adobe photoshop cs6 and elements 11?

And do you know if theres a cs7 or elements 12 coming out soon? I like to edit photos (Like adding things to it: ex: Angel wings to a photo of myself) and add filters too them!

Yes, here are full & complete answers to both of your questions

What's the Difference Between Adobe Photoshop CS vs. Photoshop Elements?


When Is Adobe CS7 Coming Out?

Hope that helps!

Adobe Creative 6 Master Suite: Used after graduating as a student?

I want to buy the adobe creative 6 master collection for a new laptop. I'm going for the student discount as I'm still a university student, ut I will graduate in 2 years and want to work with the programs... Will I have to upgrade to a non-student version? Or can I continue?

Once you buy the student version, you can use it for as long as you'd like.

One thing to remember about the student version is that it is not upgradeable. So, if you buy CS6, and in a few years CS7 comes out, you can not simply purchase the upgrade version of CS7.

But, beyond that, you can use the version you own forever.

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