When Will Bf4 Come Out?

Should i just play bad company 2 and then pre order bf4?

Instead of buying bf3. When does bf4 come out

bf4 isn't coming out for over another year yet. It's pretty safe to buy bf3 for now.

BF4 and GTA online are not working for me.?

GTA online and BF4 are not working I need some one to know the pain I feel right now. (BF4 keeps crashing every time I try to join a server, any fixes?)

Nothing you can do sorry.

The GTA servers are clogged by the amount of people trying to play, Rockstar is working on a update however so be patient.

The same goes for the BF4 Beta, the servers can't handle the amount of people trying to play.
DICE is working on a update or you can try playing when there's not a lot of people on ( late night or early morning. )

These kinds of things always happen with popular games. Sorry.

Why is Battlefield 4 better than Call of Duty Ghosts?

Lot of people say that BF4 is way better than Ghosts. I currently have ghosts for Xbox One and I enjoy it. Always liked COD games. I bought BF3 and wasn't all that much into it. So why is BF4 better than Ghosts? I'm asking because I am considering buying it and see if it's worth it.

I could go on for hours on why Battlefield 4 is better. Call of Duty: Ghosts has no innovation. You might not realize this unless you pay attention, but Call of Duty: Ghosts is practically running the same code as it was in MW3. Of course there are some changes but nothing different. If you are playing COD: Ghosts on PC, you will notice that it is HORRIBLY optimized for PC. Infinity Ward, and Treyarch hardly care at all for their PC gamers, and focus mainly on consoles. Another thing is COD: Ghosts was coded to work on the weakest console it is for which is probably the Wii U. This means that your Xbox One could probably play a game 3x more powerful than Ghosts, but they are too lazy to fully use the next gen consoles and pc's performance. EA and DICE (the dev's of BF4) actually do care for their pc gamers, and the next gen console players, and don't cut corners when it comes to actual gameplay. The graphics are also significantly better in BF4 than COD: Ghosts. BF4 also has levolution which allows the players to destroy the map around them, it has vehicles in gamemodes like Rush, and Conquest, etc. If you aren't into vehicles than you can play tdm or domination. There are also significantly more guns in BF4 than COD: Ghosts, and some have unique ways to unlock them. BF4 also has dedicated servers which means there are no hosts, and if the server is good enough than you won't experience lag and will keep a constant ping. BF4 also lasts longer. Every year there is a new COD, where BF4 comes out every 2 years, so your $60 goes A LOT farther. These are just some of the reasons why BF4 is A LOT better than COD: Ghosts. I would highly recommend BF4 and you will experience so much more than COD could ever offer. So what are you waiting for play this amazing game!

Should i buy BF3 or wait for BF4?

i have a ps3.

Bf4 and here's why: bf3 was released a year and a half ago, most of the players have left on to new games and though there is still a substantial amount of people playing, it is players who are very high in skill and level and will generally make your early time in bf3 very difficult, especially in vehicles, on top of that if you don't plan on getting the dlc's then you might have some difficulty finding a server to your liking. You will have to unlock many things while most of the players have already unlocked almost everything. Wait for bf4 so you have a fair chance again.

Which game should I buy for my PS4?

Hi should I buy killzone:shadow fall or knack or bf4 or need for speed:rivals or assassin's creed 4.

I'd say BF4 and AS4. I've seen some poor reviews of both Killzone and Knack. Both BF4 and AS4 have their fair share of bad reviews, but they've mostly been positively received. Haven't heard much of N4S Rivals, but I'm sure you can find a thousand different reviews on it. Otherwise it all boils down to your preference of games. Do you enjoy exploration or an open world? Then Assassin's Creed might be for you. If you like more linear experiences you might opt for Knack, N4S Rivals, or Killzone. If you like multiplayer games, you might opt for BF4 or Killzone.

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