When Will American Horror Story Season 2 Be On Netflix?

When will American Horror Story season 3 Coven appear on netflix?

I'm only on season 1 but I don't want to fly through the two seasons if I have to wait a long time for the third one to come on! Does anyone know when? Thank you!

American Horror Story Season One was available on Netflix Nov 22, 2012.
American Horror Story Season Two was available on Netflix Dec 07, 2013.

So most likely season 3 will be available on Netflix sometime in November/December 2014.

Is american horror story season 1 on netflix for xbox?

I know it isnt on netflix for PC, but is it on the xbox? our xbox live ran out a while ago so we cant get on and check and would like to know this before we purchase xbox live again :) thanks!

American Horror Story: Season 1 IS on Netflix. I literally added it to my Instant Queue yesterday lol.

American Horror Story link: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/American_Horror_Story/70210884?trkid=2361637

For your information, any video that is available on Netflix.com is available on the Netflix app for Xbox too.

where can i watch american horror story season 2?

i just watched the whole season 1 on netflix in one day, but where can i find season 2? i cant find any full episodes online and ive never even seen it on the tv guide. is it even on tv? i dont know but where can i find full episodes?!?!

Omg loved American Horror Story! Unfortunately season 2 just got off air, like legit a couple weeks ago. So it'll be awhile before it comes anywhere else. Season 2 is a completely different story line so will be season 3. Season 3 will be coming out some time this year, it'll probably be out on tv before season 2 makes it to huluplus, netflix, amazon, etc. It comes on channel FX, if you have cox cable then thats channel 45. So just wait for season 3 to come out! ;] Eventually though, probs in a year, season 2 will make its way to netflix.

Where can I watch American Horror Story season 2?

I just finished watching season 1 on netflix and i loved it. i want to watch season 2 but its not on netflix. so where can I watch American Horror Story season 2 online for free without any surveys or signing up?

I think that Netflix has been a little late with getting the most recent seasons of FX shows for some reason. They did not post season 5 of Sons of Anarchy for streaming until the 6th season had already aired for 4 or 5 weeks already. And I know they posted the newest season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia later as well.

So since Coven has only aired 2 episodes, I'd say if we judge by the past it will be another 2-3 weeks before Asylum is up. Hopefully that is. It's great.

What website can I watch American Horror Story on?

I've been watching season one of American Horror Story on Netflix and couldn't find a good website to watch the second season on.

It's not free on Amazon instant video, but here's the link anyways.


here's the DVD set..


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