When Was Utah Founded?

Where was "Everwood" filmed?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Kirt's Drive-In - 1974 N 400 E, North Ogden, Utah, USA
Magna, Utah, USA
New York City, New York, USA
Ogden, Utah, USA
Park City, Utah, USA
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Springville, Utah, USA
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

where was the sandlot filmed?

Lorin Farr Park Pool - 1691 Gramercy Avenue, Ogden, Utah, USA

Midvale, Utah, USA

Ogden, Utah, USA

Rose Park, Utah, USA

State Street, American Fork, Utah, USA

Should the Utah Jazz change their name?

The Utah Jazz were relocated from New Orleans to Utah in 1979. The funny thing is, Jazz isn't prominent in Salt Lake like in New Orleans, so the name really didn't stick. But, it's prevailed for 30 seasons, and Utah is switching logos back to the logo it had 1979-1996. But, if Utah is changing its logo, why isn't just changing the name, to something more fitting, like the Utah Blizzard, or Utah Lakers...(actually, it's probably better in Salt LAKE City than in Los Angeles)? What do you think, keep the name, change the logo, or change the name?

Utah Jazz = worst name in sports...nothing could be a worse fit than the 'Jazz' in Utah!

Change the name and give New Orleans the name 'Jazz' back...

If the Mormons never existed what would the West look like?

Lets say the Mormons never existed would Utah exist? Or would it be added to Nevada or maybe Idaho, Wyoming. Since the Mormons played big part in settling the west. What would it look like?

It's important to understand that Mormons had a huge impact on colonizing and organizing the West. A good portion of the west was organized by the Mormons. Utah is just a cropped down version of what it used to be. The Mormon's came west and organized what was called The 'State of Deseret'. Click on this link to see how much of the West that it encompassed... http://www.lightplanet.com/mormons/daily/history/1844_1877/deseret_state_eom.htm
So much of California, Nevada, Arizona and parts of Wyoming and Colorado, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico were organized by the Mormons just as Utah because they were all part of the same state until by either President Phillmore or Buchanan, out of spite for the Mormons, they divided the territory into what is now Utah...

An interesting note is that Las Vegas was actually founded by the Mormons..

Who else thinks Mo Williams is one of the best point guards right now?

Mo is my favorite basketball player. He's going to be playing for utah this year. Also, how do you think he is gonna play in Utah?

Ya he's the GOAT. No stopping Mo. Mo is bringing Mo-town to Utah. Championship next year. All the way

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