When Was Squanto Born And Died?

who was squanto and where was he born and when did he die?

Squanto was the Algonquin Indian who gave hunting and agriculture advice to the Pilgrims. He was born in Massachusetts. That's about all I know. Try wikipedia.

Did Squanto marry and/or have any children?

Squanto lived to be 40-45 years old. He would have had time to make some little Squantos whether he was married or not. I never hear about any descendants of Squanto. I have read several little bios about him and there's never a mention of his having children.

according to history/legend, Squanto was one of the Indians who helped the pilgrims survive in the new land. At least according to the tv and cartoons that is. In fariness, I have not done any historical research to prove it.

I need help coming up with a middle name?

I am not sure what I am having yet. I have decided on a name for a girl and my boyfriend came up with the name for a boy. I am hispanic and my boyfriend is native american. Not really sure if it is important but it may help. The name I chose for a girl is Ariana. The name my boyfriend has chosen for a boy is Squanto (I know the name is weird but he is dead set on it).

I would suggest using Squanto as a middle name... Just think about how a young child could be teased with such a name... not that it is bad, just very different... Besides, you could always call him by his middle name as a nickname...

Ariana Marie - Ariana Nicole - Ariana Claire - Ariana Isabel - Ariana Lauren - Ariana Laurie - Ariana Paz...

Nathaniel Squanto - Mordecai Squanto - Sebastian Squanto - William Squanto - Thomas Squanto...

Good luck - talk things over with him :-)

squanto the indian?? plz help?

i really need yalls help!! if you can find any info about where and when squanto the indian was born plz plz plz leave a link and plz give your opinion on how squanto has impacted todays life!! thanx lotzz!! -nicole

Squanto's real name was Tisquantum, he assisted some early settlers in America. He went back to England and was taught English. He returned to America with John Smith. He went on many explorations and acted as a translator and guide. He could be given credit to helping England establish colonies. Look up Tisquantum


Squanto and Powhatan?

compare and contrast Squanto and Powhatan do you any good facts? helpful ones would be great. im trying to gather good information "brain storming" always works, but having other peoples inputs always work too

Powhatan was an astute and energetic ruler, but he was also noted as being strict and occasionally cruel toward his subjects. In the Algonquian language of his people, his title as emperor was mamanatowick, and his territory was known as Tsenacommacah. Each tribe within the Powhatan empire had its own chief, or weroance, and Powhatan ruled as the chief of these chiefs.

During the spring of 1621, Squanto was brought to the newly founded Pilgrim settlement of Plymouth by Samoset, an Indian who had been befriended by the English settlers. Squanto, who had been living with the Wampanoag tribe since his return from England, soon became a member of the Plymouth colony. Because Squanto was fluent in English, Governor William Bradford made him his Indian emissary, and he then served as interpreter for Edward Winslow, the Pilgrim representative, during his negotiations with Massasoit, chief of the Wampanoags. Squanto died while guiding Bradford on Cape Cod.

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