When Was Ohio State Football Established?

whats the main things i need to get to Ohio State to play Football?

Im in the 10th grade and im planning to go to Ohio State but my G.P.A is 2.3 i play football and i plan to play for Ohio State but i don't know what i need to do because i want to start on my future now. My ACT score is a 13 rite now but ive only taken it once i need to know what my score needs to be also

You don't go to Ohio State for football. They go to you.

If you are good enough to be on the team, Jim Tressel will find you, but he IS one of the most academic oriented coaches in the NCAA, so with grades like that, don't expect a scholarship offer from him. You'd have better luck in the south.

Why is Ohio state always overrated in football and basketball??

Ohip state plays no one worth a rats ass out of conference in football or basketball and have no business being ranked Number 1 if football or basketball. The Ohio state baseball team plays no one out of conference and for some stupid reason they are ranked 25th in the nation. God I hate Ohio state, all little 10 teams, and always over rated Nuttered lame. GO HORNS!! TEXAS FIGHT!!

ohio state is just overrated period.

What is Ohio State University known for excellence in other than football?

I know Ohio State is famous for football, but what else is it known for?

Yeah, Ohio State is a leader in lots of fields, Biomedical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Development Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Dance, Russian and other languages. Really, they have so many high points, it is hard to list them all.

Who agrees that Ohio State is over-rated?

Ohio State fans don't seem to like me very much, but that's OK because I don't care for them either. The Buckeyes are a pretty good football team but certainly not deserving to be top-ranked. The don't even lead THEIR own conference in total offense. Troy Smith is mediocre at best, not in my opinion a front-runner for the Heisman trophy. The statistics do not lie. Look at them for youself on yahoo sports. LSU is leading the SEC in both offense and defense but got shafted by the officials. The NCAA does not want Ohio State to have to play a powerhouse like LSU. If the officials don't screw it all up, Ohio State will go down Saturday. Does anybody agree? To all the doubters, Ohio State has played an SEC 8 times in its history. They lost every time. Check it out for yourself. The years are: 2001,2000,1996,1995,1993,1992,1989, and 1977.

Ohio State is definitely very over-rated. I agree, the Ohio State Buckeyes are a good college football team, but they are other terrific college football teams that are just as good as the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Will The Razorbacks join the lingerie football league after the whooping Ohio State puts on them in the Sugar?

Bowl? Scott, SEC teams got blown out worse than Ohio State in 95 and 97. Those same SEC teams won titles the following year. Last season doesn't matter in college football. Certainly not 4 years ago.

Honestly, that game could go either way. Ohio State could very well be what...0-9 against SEC teams after that bowl game. Most people said OSU would beat Florida in the national championship game..well, Florida ended up blowing them out. Arkansas is not to be underestimated. Ohio State is good and can win the game, but it will be close.

The 95 and 97 losses were abnormalities. Those Nebraska teams were some of the best in college football history, much better than any team Ohio State has fielded in recent years.

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